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NEFA 20602



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A home movie by amateur filmmaker Ronald Torbet featuring his two sisters, Vera and Maureen, his brother, James Alan Torbet, and parents at home in Bright Street, Roker. The film also features a cricket match between Bede and Monkwearmouth and crowds attending a football match taking place at Roker Park, the home of Sunderland Association Football Club (SAFC).

Title: For Private Exhibition Only

Title: Just Us

[black and white footage]

The film begins in the backyard of the family’s terraced house in Bright Street, Roker, the filmmaker's father entering the house by the back door. Vera and Maureen Torbet appear in the doorway and quickly duck back indoors when they see they are being filmed. Vera reappears and holds up a copy of the Daily Express newspaper before laughing and walking off screen. Her sister Maureen is basking in the sunshine at a window. She poses cheesily for the camera.

The sisters and their father are at the back door playing up to their brother and his new camera. The women are holding copies of newspapers.Maureen slumps against a wall in the back yard in the sunshine and begins to flick through her paper. Mr Torbet emerges from the outside toilet. Next, he begins to clean up rubbish in the yard with a shovel and bucket.

Vera waves and jokily pretends to look through the lens of a camera set up on an empty tripod in the yard, signalling she's filming. Her elder brother stands beside her wearing a tie and tank-top. Her father races past her back into the house with his pail to avoid being filmed. They all laugh.

Inside the house, Maureen washes her hands in the kitchen sink and dries her hands. Outside in the yard, she walks back towards the house shaking water from a pan. Vera briefly walks out of the back door coughing. Maureen drops a number of green vegetables into a pan and walks back inside. She sticks her finger to her nose in a gesture of mock snootiness.

Vera is having breakfast at the kitchen table. She drinks tea that is too hot. She cleans her plate with a slice of bread. Her mother does the housework. Vera grabs another slice of bread and butters it. She mugs to the camera. Mrs Torbet speaks to camera, complaining about the sister. Vera enters the room carrying a bottle of sauce. She continues with breakfast and chats with her mother standing at the stove.

Maureen sits on a sofa reading a book. She looks up and speaks to camera, gesturing the filmmaker to go away. A door is closed on the camera.

[Colour] Title: Interval for Applause

Low angle portrait shot of one of the sisters in dark sunglassesShe puts on a pair of sunglasses. Her mother steps out of the house into the back yard smiling.

Maureen and Vera do a mock advert for sun cream. The sisters lounge in deckchairs on a sunny day, chatting. Maureen puts on sun cream. A portrait shot follows of one of Maureen in a floral summer dress, smiling. She reads a newspaper whilst her sister dozes in the sunshine. Vera feels she is getting sunburnt. She borrows Maureen's suncream and spreads it on her arms and exaggerates a contented sigh. She holds up a tub of ‘Nivea Sunflita’ to the camera for the product close-up.

A short animation follows showing a cinema usher walking past a screen holding a card that reads ‘Interval’. [out of focus]

Title: Bede v Monkwearmouth

Various shots of a cricket match between Bede and Monkwearmouth follow. One of the players is the filmmaker's brother, Ernest Robert Torbet. At one point, the batsman appears to get a ball in the face and team mates rush up to check on him. More general views of the game follow. With the game ending, the players walk off the pitch.

A fishing rod is set up on a pebbly beach at Roker. It's a stormy day and the waves crash onto the beach. Ronald Torbet is on the beach posing for the camera; a stranded platform or part of a wooden pier (?) stands some way out to sea. The man turns away from the camera and the letter ‘R’ is stenciled onto the back of his jacket, buffeted by the wind. He points to his stencil and walks back from the shoreline.

The film changes to show a large metal frame built on a building site, possibly a crane. Nearby, a high rise concrete building is under construction, surrounded by cranes and scaffolding. The camera pans to the right showing a large rectangular building built nearby only partially under scaffolding. This may have been filmed around Sunderland docks.

Mr Torbet and other fans make their way along Roker Baths Road towards Roker Park on a Saturday, home of Sunderland Association Football Club (SAFC). The fans climb into the stands, many of the men in flat caps. The teams come out onto the pitch at Roker Park and the match begins. There are various shots of the match being played at both ends of the pitch. Large crowds watch the match.

The film cuts back to the Torbet family home in Bright Street. A cat perches on the back wall of the yard. One of the sisters, Maureen, poses for the camera wearing her beautiful bridesmaid outfit of yellow dress and matching garland tiara whilst holding a bouquet of daffodils. She smiles at the camera. She is dressed for her friend Elsie Long's wedding. Her brothers (or father and brother) stand nearby watching. She smiles again at the camera and curtsies

The film ends with another short animation showing two cinema ushers carrying a banner across the screen that reads ‘Applause’.