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Made with the purpose of encouraging prospective employees to apply for work at the Crossley Carpets factory in Halifax, this film includes a tour of the works and glimpses of the various jobs that the workers might do.

Title | Just the Job
Sponsored by the Personnel and Training Departments

Title | Music - "The Crossley March"
Composed and Conducted by - Mr J. Harrison B.B.C.M.
Played by - Crossley Carpets Works Band

The film opens with scenes inside the social club attached to Crossley Carpets showing young employees socialising and dancing. It then goes on to a montage of examples of the kind of jobs that they may be expected to do at the factory - including sewing, laying carpets and typing.

The narrator explains how the wool is spun into yarn and the film shows the winding section of the Gripper Axminster department, where the looming equipment is supported by hand winders who tie knots correctly and efficiently. In the Spool Axminster department, the dyed yarn is spun onto bobbins and female workers place the bobbins on their appropriate threads in what is known as "setting".

The next shots show another employee making hole-punched cards for use in the Jacquard system of looming, by placing the metal punches in a stamping machine - thereby translating the carpet designs into a readable language.

Other employees are seen binding carpet edges, sewing on fringes and mending the finished carpets by inspecting and rectifying any faults. Elsewhere, workers are burling carpets especially designed for automobiles known as "carvells" and the "criterion" model for the domestic market.

Back at the social club the employees are still dancing, and the narrator explains about jobs that young men might do at the Crossley factory - including taking the bobbins off the spinning threads and operating the equipment in the plant. Other men are enrolled in the mechanics shop as loom tuners and electricians.

There is an exterior shot of the mill in the Rishworth Valley, near Halifax, before the narrator goes on to address the jobs that are deemed suitable "for the ladies". Among them are careers as winders, reelers and twisters, as well as work in the office such as typing, filing and copying.

Two young prospective employees arrive at the front gate and are taken to meet the manager, while the narrator explains that their first day on the job will be an induction at the training centre. There they are welcomed by the personnel manager, before a tour of the works facilities that include a sports club where employees are seen playing football, tennis and bowls. At a works gala there is a running race and gymnastics taking place, while some others form a human pyramid.

The film then looks in on the canteen, where a worker receives their dinner of Yorkshire pudding and chips, and the medical centre. Inside the main building the fire officer makes a speech to the new members of staff about safety in the workplace, letting off a fire extinguisher as part of his demonstration. The film then closes with further shots of the social club.

Title | Photography and Direction by Mark Pearson

Title | Produced by Crossley Carpets Film Unit

Title | The End