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NEFA 8764



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Billingham Film Unit cine-magazine with two short bulletins documenting ICI staff at leisure and an industrial chemical science process: Sporting June records the Billingham Synthonia Club sports and gala day in June 1948, and Making Sulphuric Acid follows the industrial process stage by stage, with animated graphics and commentary to camera.

Title: Just Billingham No. 17. June 1948

Title: Sporting June

Credit: Commentary Spoken by Lionel Manson

ICI workers, families and friends visit the Billingham Synthonia Club sports and gala day in June 1948.

The film opens with a succession of track and field athletics events.  Featured are: the steeple chase, high jump, sprinting, hurdles, long-jump, pole vault, tug-of-war cycling and bowls.

Women take part in the sprint and high jump.

Women mount their cycles and take part in a go-slow bike race.

This cine-magazine feature ends with a little girl tap dancing on a stage and girls performing in a prom dance.

Title: The Billingham Story (6): Making Sulphuric Acid

The film features factory scenes: workers, milling machines, rotary grinding apparatus, steel conduits, mechanical shafts and exterior shots of complex bridge transportation structures.

A factory foreman appears amidst the machinery in the factory environment and addresses the camera.

A short animation follows. Shots depict the various stages of chemical processes employed to make the chemical sulphuric acid; possibly for use as fertilizer, waste water processing, detergents, and in oil refining.