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ICI Billingham Film Unit cine magazine from April 1947 that features four items: highlights of a Northern League soccer match between winners Billingham Synthonia Football Club, playing at home, and opponents, Shildon: the first Billingham dog show organised by the reformed Canine Section; presentation of long service awards to veterans at the Synthonia Club; and apprentices train in the Engineering Training Centre, opened in the summer 1946.

Title: Just Billingham No. 11 April 1947

Commentary spoken by John Snagge

Title: Soccer Shock for Shildon

Men queue up to watch Billingham Synthonia Northern League Soccer 11 and Shildon football club play in a Northern League match, for a few shillings admission. A table at the open pitch entrance collects coins from supporters. A man wearing a trilby is pushed to the pitch in a wheelchair. Brief shot of the audience, all men. Billingham Synthonia Football Club players run onto the pitch. Group portrait of Synthonia Club team. Match highlights are intercut with shots of a large crowd in the stands and beside the pitch. Billingham are the winning team by three goals to one. The match is probably the home fixture played on 12 April 1947.

Title: Fido's Field Day

Dogs and owners compete at the annual dog show. Various shots of dogs and their owners outside the dog show tent and indoors. Owners put dogs through their paces for the preliminaries. Owners include a young girl and a woman in a fur coat. The judge, Mr Rutherford, gives each dog a critical examination. Prizes are awarded to the winning owners by Mrs Chesseldene, wife of the section's President. Speeches are made after the presentation.

Title: "Old Soldiers..."

A dinner and presentation of long service awards at ICI Billingham, held in the Synthonia Club. Audience applauds at the end of speeches.

Title: The Way Ahead

Feature on young apprentices in training at the school opened only 8 months previously with 16 trainees for 5 year apprenticeships. Groups of young men train at machines in factory workshops, and individual apprentices work at engineering tasks.

Shot of a large blackboard poster with pie chart showing "Apprentice Training School Division of the Working Day." Apprentices clock in.  Shots of apprentices and instructors in classrooms. Shots of engineering components. Portrait shots of individual apprentices listening intently end the film.