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ICI Billingham Fim Unit cine magazine bulletins produced to entertain and inform. Firstly, "Making the Miner Safer Still" dicusses new safety improvements underground in the anhydrite mines; secondly, a short film about the presentation of awards for long service with ICI Billingham.

Title: Just Billingham No. 20

Title: Making the Mine Safer Still

Loaded wagons on a train track suspended by a haulage cable travel through the mine. The voice-over outlines the need for safety provisions, which prevent the train from derailing or running down the shaft.

A worker props up a beam against the roof of the mineshaft.

A new mechanical device called The Derailer is shown as workers set up an exercise to test its efficiency in the face of a ‘runaway’ mine wagon. Miners push the wagons onto an incline and then let go. As they gain enough momentum to be a clear danger, the Derailer is shown to obscure the path of the wagons and stop them descending further down the mine shaft. The event is then shown in slow-motion. The miners clear debris away.

Title: Presenting Long-Service Awards

Clocks and watches in gift boxes are arranged on a table.

Long-serving members of staff receive clocks and watches, handed out on a stage. A voice-over describes the event.

Shots of staff accepting awards are intercut with audience reactions. Finally, the Chairman makes a speech.

The final shot is a close-up of a watch being fastened around a wrist.