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Billingham Film Unit cine magazine that records a summer sports meeting at the Synthonia Club; and secondly, a short-form documentary describing the importance of nitrogen to ICI's operations.

Title: Just Billingham No. 13, June 1947. Commentary spoken by John Snagge

Title: Second Open Sports Meeting. Wooderson Wins Again

A short visual record of a company recreational event taking place on a sunny day with lots of spectators. Some of the sporting activities filmed are: sprinting, cycling, walking, long distance run, Several trophy presentations take place and a mass cycling group are recorded in slow motion, including one man falling off.

A girl child is sleeping in a pram, her legs hanging over the side.

Close-up of a couple's linked arms.

A goldfish bowl containing snails (?) sits on a table with sign advertising "2d per glass." The man at the stall smokes a pipe and grins. People are clustered around the drinks table. Two men compete with a snail race on the table.

Cyclists complete a race.

The item closes with an aerial view of the Billingham Synthonia Club sports ground.

Title: The Billingham Story (2) The Need for Nitrogen

Overhead views of the Billingham factory begins this feature.

A man opens a scientific dictionary and points at the word "nitrogen".

Shot of clouds in the sky.

A group of women do breathing exercises in the open air.

Close-up of a basic experiment with a candle, water and test tube.

General shots of birds in the sky.

Young children drink milk (one with a milk moustache looks to camera).

Sheep and horses graze in a field. Views of crops and farmland.

Shot of a works canteen.

Lightening strikes in the sky. Rain turns soil muddy. Shots of crops follow.

Several graphics illustrate the natural occurrence of nitrogen in the atmosphere and how this is procured with use of ammonia for producing nitric acid.

A village scene: two men pull along a horse and cart of manure to a field.

The scene cuts to a science laboratory where an experiment is in progress.  The path from nitrogen in the air to production of ammonia nitrate is illustrated.

Close-up of a woman's arms plunging clothing into a bowl of dark liquid.

Two male scientists perform laboratory experiments, intercut with shots of possible uses for nitrogen: explosives, cleaning fluid and gas. A mask is fitted over a woman's mouth and nose. A nurse takes a plate of swab specimens (?) from a cupboard. Shots of explosions in the landscape. Landscape and city shots. Laboratory shot.

Aerial view of the Billingham Nitrogen plant.

Title: The End