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NEFA 8757



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ICI Billingham Film Unit cine magazine with three short films: a feature on the national fuel shortage and its effect on the ICI chemical plant at Billingham; a short feature on distribution of the new ICI magazine; and the progress of the Safety Committe in promoting safety at work and cutting down the number of "lost time accidents."

Title and Credits:

Just Billingham No. 10 January 1947

Photography Sydney Boyle BFU Script Norman Beese Commentary spoken by John Snagge

Noiseless Recording

The film opens with a spotlit close-up of a newspaper box article titled "Put Out That Light" and another page featuring headlines "Fuel Economics", "Special trains to be Cancelled" and "Irish Channel Service Reduced". Cuts to another newspaper article headlined "Sport Trains Ban to Clear the Lines For Coal".and to one side of the page "New Fuel Plan On Way." Further newspaper columns read "Women Take Beach Coal", "Cuts In Fuel Put I.C.I. On Half Output"

The next sequence depicts general views of ICI plant, the rail yards and steam cargo trains, various shots of the roads near Billingham ICI and inside factory works under snow. [sequence running slightly fast as part of production]

Title: Best-Seller Billingham No. 10

Close-up of someone flicking through The ICI Magazine.

Cuts to an ICI works sign for "ICI Billingham Division Works Relations Officer."

Workers are silhouetted carrying packages through a door outside. The packages are unwrapped. A worker is stacking piles of deliveries of The ICI Magazine. A man checks off a list. Close-up of a typewriter working. A man with a pipe checks off lists of names. Workers bundle up customer addressed packages of the magazine. They are loaded onto a lorry, which drives off.

Title: Working for Safety Just Billingham No. 10

Various shots of two workers unloading packages from a truck, then one man attempting to lift a bail on his own, and hurting his back.

Graphics illustrating "Lost Time Accidents for 1,000 Workers (Excluding Mine). Various shots of health and safety department workers in action. A woman plots a graph on a wall with a  ruler and pencil. A billboard of "Lost Time" stands inside the Billingham works.

Two women look at a range of Safety Department posters.

More shots of billboards detailing hours lost and accidents for each department.

Brief shot of a meeting of safety committee takes place, followed by a shot of workers putting on overalls.

More graphics illustrate health and safety statistics. Workers and Billingham Safety Committee members have a meeting.

A montage of brief shots of workers performing different work tasks follows.

The film ends with a close-up of a Billingham Safety Committee badge pinned on someone's tweed jacket.

Title: The End