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A compilation reel containing a series of short animations in various styles believed produced by students of Bede College, under the tutelage of David Williams. Includes BEDE FILM SOCIETY: PREVIEW OF FORTH-COMING FEATURES animations for films such as 'Patton' and 'A Fist Full of Dynamite'.

Title: A Junk Movie, Chris Potts and D R Williams

The film begins with a scribbled portrait on paper of a man’s head wearing glasses, followed by coloured patterns which have been made by applying paint onto the film emulsion [reminiscent of the work of British animator Len Lye]

A less abstract film follows where an animated figure walks into a drawing of a heart, which in turn transforms into the word ‘Lolita’

Title: Lolita

Title: The War of the Buttons

An animated drawing of a man approaches the camera, pointing a gun. He fires a gun.

Title: Then man who

Title: Shot

Title: Liberty Valance

An animated picture of a skull is followed by animated figures walking along a road or path.

Title: Bergman’s

Title: Seventh Seal

This is followed by a photograph of a woman who unzips her dress, the next picture shows her in her underwear. The film rapidly alternates between the two pictures.

The film cuts to a completely different picture to that of the soles of a pair of feet. An animated feather ‘tickles’ one foot.

The film cuts to a picture of a television set. The ’picture’ on the set shows circus acts followed by a bizarre looking racing car. A running man leaps from the screen.

The film changes to animated drawing of a cigarette taking a ‘man’ from a cigarette packet. The cigarette lights the head of the man with a lighter. The cigarette ‘smokes’ the figure of the man.

The next animation shows an outline of a head without any features. A small figure drags a pair of lips onto the face and into position. Two other figures position a nose on the face, another two position eyes. Eyebrows and ears then appear.

The following animation shows a figure walking down a street, in the windows of the houses are potted plants. Suddenly on of the windows displays the word ‘Thump’, the figure disappears, presumably the figure has not been watching where it was heading.

Title: Ball

An animated figure bounces a ball then loses control of it as the ball bounces away. The film cuts to a pair of eyes blinking, a speech bubble appears containing the word ‘lights. ’The blinking eyes transform into full picture of a cat, which licks its lips and smiles.

Title: Alnrog Productions

A figure appears walking, carrying a bottle. A speech bubble appears displaying the words ‘I really like milk’.

Title: Love is…., A film by Alan Williams

A figure appears at the bottom of a flight of steps. The figure walks up the steps and meets another figure at the top. The two figures meld into each other and become a heart shape, in which the phrase ‘The End’ appears.

The next animation is of a white line drawing of a figure appears on the screen, it is threatened by the open mouth of a large fish like creature which threatens to devour it. On the lower right of the screen the name ‘Picasso’ appears.

Title: The Family [animation]

Two ‘adult’ figures appear on screen, followed by two smaller child figures. The phrase ‘Go to School’ appears on screen, followed by another phrase ‘Education is mind pollution’ [sic]

Title: Bede-Hilds Film Soc [animated title]

Title: Next Week

Title: Support Your Local Gunfighter

[Blank section]

Title: A Bede Film Society, Preview of Forth-coming Programmes [with sound]

Title: Fistful of Dynamite

Title: A still of a label reads:

A Fistful of Dynamite (AA)

Rod Steiger, James Coburn

Director Sergio Leone

A photograph of James Coburn follows

[Fade Out]

Title: Hour of the Gun

Photo stills from the film follow

Title: Doc

Followed by a still of a page from a magazine showing an article titled ‘Who Is Stacy Keach?’

Stills follow from the film

Title: [A still of a label as before] The Hunting Party

Oliver Reed, Candice Bergen, Gene Hackman

Director: Don Medford

Again, stills from the film follows,

Title: The Red Baron

Animated warplanes give way to a still of a book cover with reference to the Red Baron.

An animated figure of a soldier with a gun has a soundtrack of a battle.

Title: Patton

Accompanied by stills from the film.

Title: Lust for Glory

A still of a film poster follows which reads, ‘Patton No Bastard Ever Won A War By Dying For His Country, He Won It By Making The Other Poor Dumb Bastard Die For His Country’.

Title: Patton

This title transforms into another:

Title: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Again stills from the film, which show Clint Eastwood, followed by an image of the promotional poster for the film.

[Fade to Black]

Next, very scratched footage of the sea breaking on the shore, which is followed by an animated collage of open sea. A sailing ship appears from the left, on the sail is written ‘Britannia Rules OK’, on the hull of the ship the name; ‘HMS Pinafore’.

Another ship appears on the horizon, cannon appear on board HMS Pinafore. The cannon are in the form of two ‘Cutty Sark’ whisky bottles, one of the weapons fires. The ship on the horizon sinks. A barrel floating in the sea drifts in from the right. A figure emerges from the barrel. It’s the Mona Lisa painting wearing a sailors hat. A speech bubble appears which reads ‘Hallo Sailor’ the picture fades out

A small sailing boat comes in from the left. A large fish leaps out of the sea, lands on the boat and sinks it.

A steam ship goes past, named ‘Channel Packet’, a notice attached to the funnel reads ‘Government Health Warning’. A shark appears briefly, then a Chinese junk appears from the left. On the sail a message is displayed which reads ‘Golden Hill Take Away Meals’. The shark pulls the junk under the waves, a surfer appears in view briefly.

On board ship a woman in grand Victorian costume appears. A speech bubble appears which reads ‘This is a good clean family show’. Rough seas toss the figure about. Another speech bubble reads; ‘You will not find any filth here.’ The woman is thrown into the water, by the force of the rough sea.

She swims past and is devoured by the shark. A speech bubble appears above the shark which that; ‘Who does she think she is anyway?’

Another speech bubble appears as the shark disappears; ‘I mean I like filth, so why can’t I have filth, I mean who does she think she is?’

Footage of incoming sea ends the film.

[Blank section]

A poster appears where a fish steals a hand from the composite ‘body’ on display.

Next a collage of a kitchen where family members include, amongst others those of the cartoon Snoopy gather.

A woman carrying an umbrella ‘walks’ or dances across a picture of a view from behind of an adult and child fishing. A flying hand appears and removes her skirt.

Another kitchen and an animated female doll or puppet carries a baby. A man appears and takes the baby in his arms. An older ‘child’ appears and they all fall over, then pick themselves up and bow to the camera.

Next a view of a book standing upright on a table. The title is the ‘American West’, some figures of cowboys made from plasticine stand near the book. The book opens slightly an animated plasticine figure seems to emerge from the pages.

Another figure appears from the left of the screen and shoots down the figure from the book.

In the background another figure who has been standing watching proceedings, shoots down the assassin. The film ends as the survivor enters the pages of the book, from where the first figure came.

Another sequence opens showing a silhouette of a man riding a horse through a Wild West town, which opens out into the desert and cactus trees. He continues and ends up in a shoot in Wild West street. The film ends with man riding off into the sunset.

The end of the compilation is of footage taken from a TV screen complete with a time code. The programme is of show jumping, no credits, titles or other information is shown.