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YFA 4113



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This film was made in 1953 and follows David and June Simpson on their wedding day. The couple have added some humorous touches by holding signs with pieces of information about themselves. Included in this piece are shots of the bride leaving the house, the couple leaving the reception and arriving at a house in Driffield.

Title-Paul One Year Old.

David and June Simpson stand outside a house smiling; they hold up a sign which reads `Our Wedding 28th March 1953'. Then there is a shot of June with her back to the camera; she turns around and holds up a sign which reads `June daughter of Major & Mrs C.J. Wilson'. Her parents come and stand beside her and then the three of them walk down the garden path together and point out the name of the house on the pillars `No 5 Oriel Crescent'.

David comes out of a house through a glass door and closes it behind him. There is a sign on it which reads `David younger son of Mr & Mrs J.O. Simpson'. His parents come out of the house and stand beside him and the three of them walk down the path and pose at the front gate. The camera zooms in on the house number which is `144'.

In the next scene the two mothers greet each other in a garden and sit down on deck chairs; the two fathers also greet each other and stand beside the chairs. David and June join their parents and they all smile and pose for the camera.

An older and a younger woman are outside June's house; it is the day of the wedding. A man with a suit and a button-hole stops and smiles at the camera; then more men and women or varying ages come out of Oriel Crescent. June comes down the driveway with her father and they smile for the camera. It is very windy, and her veil blows over her head. There is a shot of the two bridesmaids and two flower girls waiting before getting into the car.

A young man takes the arm of an older woman and walks up the church steps with her; other guests arrive too. Next, two men in top hats enter the church followed by more guests. The bridesmaids, flower girls and bride go up the steps to the church where they pause at the top and pose for the camera.

After the ceremony the couple exit the church and pose for photographs on the steps; the guests throw lots of confetti on them. They get into the car and drive away with the crowd watching.

The wedding guests are gathered outside of a building opposite 'The Grand Hotel'. The couple, now dressed casually, leave the building and have confetti thrown all over them by the guests. They say goodbye, get into a car and drive off.

In the final scene the couple drive up to a house and walk to the front door; David carries June over the threshold. They emerge again with a sign which reads `Mr and Mrs David O. Simpson Warren Cottage farm Foxholes, Driffield.