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YFA 4703



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This film is from the West Yorkshire Archive Service collection and was made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron. The film contains footage of the numerous activities carried out by children at the Judean Club in Leeds. There are shots of women paying music, young men learning how to box, fitness classes and sewing lessons.

Alec's family were Russian Jews who escaped the troubles and set up a tailoring business in Leeds. Alec developed a keen interest in film and theatre and set up the first film society outside of London. His films capture family life and social events as well as educational and promotional style films made to encourage people to keep the Jewish way of life.

Title- Leeds Jewish Film Society Presents

Title-A visit to The Judean Club, March, 1935

Title-Messrs. Brough and Levine completely wired and fitted the stage.

Two young men are in a hall; one of them is on a ladder and the other man is standing on the ground. They take turns in working on a fuse box on the ceiling and lower down on a wall. After this, they work on the floor with screwdrivers.

Title-Kalman Waters upholstering a chair.

Another young man is hammering nails into different parts of a chair and then there is a shot of him weaving on a miniature loom. Following this, is a shot of him working with a tool on a small piece of material. There is a shot of a table which is covered in handmade leather purses, pouches and scissor covers.

Title-A peep at the needlework and handicraft sections.

A room is full of women of all ages who are sewing, painting and weaving small baskets. They hold up their work for the camera and this is followed by another lingering, panning shot capturing all the women around the room, as they busily work.

Title-Instruction in boxing by Mr Goldman.

A small group of young men are in a gym skipping; their instructor stands to the side giving them orders. Following that is another class of boxers who are lined up along one wall of a gym watching another man practice his boxing moves.

Two boys smile for the camera and then have a sparring match. There are more shots of the first boxer doing some moves for the camera and then shots of three young men doing boxing moves at the same time.

Title-The Music Section

In another room a group of women play the piano, the violin and stand around singing from a song book. There are close up shots of their hands as they play the instruments.

Following this is a play which is being performed on a small stage. It is a kidnapping plot, as one of the characters is tied up in a chair.

Title-The finals of the table tennis tournament

Two young men play table tennis in a hall while spectators sit around and watch. There is lots of clapping when the game is over.

A billiards ball rolls towards the camera which has been placed on the billiards table. Then the shot cuts to a slightly further away shot of two men having a competition.

Title-The library.

Three young boys sit in a library looking at books; they try not to laugh as they point pages out to each other.

Title-Mental Diversions.

A crowd gather around two boys who are playing chess and after that they play a game of draughts.

Title-The buffet.

Four men stand at a bar with drinks; they raise their glasses and drink.

Title-Physical training organised by Miss H. Silverman and Mr H. Abramson.

A group of young women sit in rows and do a sequence of sit ups, sideward moves, stretches while lying on their stomach, and cycling their legs in the air. There is a shot of their teacher giving orders and then shots of the students bending over to the side and touching their toes; there are also shots of them doing gentle neck stretches.

In the next section the boys are also having an exercise class; they sit on the ground and do arm raises, then touch their feet and then play a game of rolling a ball along the floor. The following section contains a sequence of shots of the girls having a gym class and jumping over a vault. Then the boys have a class and do gymnastic jumps and flips over the vault and the boys also do some twists on the still rings.

Title-The Club Leaders.

A group of men and women sit and stand and pose for the camera. They smile and talk to each other.

Title-The End.