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NEFA 21978



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An amateur film made by John Martin Jackson recording Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee celebrations taking part in Hexham, Northumberland in 1977. The film records a procession of decorative floats travelling through the town as well as a large street party. As well as footage of the jubilee, the film includes rural scenes filmed in and around Derwent Reservoir in County Durham where small pleasure boats are filmed on the water.

The film opens on a decorative flowerbed beside a road dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II and her Silver Jubilee celebrations. The film cuts to show general views of a colourful flowers growing in beds around the lawn of a suburban garden.

The film cuts to show a view looking down on fields, woods and a town in the distance. The film changes to show a different rural scene looking down onto small pleasure boats sail on a lake, possibly Derwent Reservoir in County Durham.  

A decorative display made of red, white and blue flowers changes to show a man on horseback along Priestpopple in Hexham. The film cuts to show the rider and a number of decorative Coronation themed floats travelling through Hexham.  

A number of costumed people walk past the Hexham Auction Mart followed by a number of decorative floats, including one with writing along the side that reads ‘English Folk’.

A crowd standing along the pavement watches as a vintage car followed by a number of decorative floats turns a corner past the Hexham Auction Mart travelling in the opposite direction of the floats seen previously. A float for the local Girl Guides drives past followed by the man on horseback who leads a float in the shape of an Elizabethan galleon. More floats, some lorries others cars and tractors pulling trailers, drive past including one with a banner across the front that reads ‘God Bless Our Queen’. The float with the ‘English Folk’ banner drives past, costumed people walk along beside lorry holding the ribbons that is attached to a maypole on the float.

The film cuts to a Dene Park in Hexham and views of the floats driving past towards Priestpopple. The people on board all of the passing floats wave at the crowds watching from the pavement. A float passes with three young women on the back, all are wearing ball gowns. One of the women is seated on a ceremonial throne, the other two stand beside her waving happily at the crowd. Another float with a banner across the top which reads ‘Hexham Gen Hosp.’ drives past. A man with his leg in plaster lies on a hospital bed surrounded by people in hospital greens. A number of men on the float are wearing nurses uniforms. General views show more decorative floats passing with the ‘English Folk’ float at the rear.

The film cuts to show traffic turning out of Beaumont Street into Hencotes. Decorative bunting hangs along the metal fence surrounding The Sele.

The film cuts to a view looking down a street where Union Jacks and bunting hang across the road. In the middle of road are a number of tables covered with white tablecloths. The film cuts to shows children sitting on one side of a long table, and older people on the other. Everyone is enjoying sandwiches and cake. Beside the tables people stand chatting.

The film ends with view from the far side of the event with people eating happily at their tables while others chat and feed them.