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YFA 4912



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Part of the Fozzard Collection, this film captures celebrations for the 1977 Jubilee in Harrogate. 

The film opens with a close up of a bird’s nest which has been made in a car engine. 

Next, a group of older people are gathered together in a front room.  Some mingle and others are seated.  There are tables filled with appetizers, and some of the party-goers pose for the camera.

A car pulls into a driveway, and another cameraman can be seen in shot.  The driver opens the hood of the car to reveal the bird’s nest which is in the engine. 

The Jubilee celebrations continue in a rec hall.  Union Jacks decorate the wall, and many chairs have been set up around the edge of the room.  Some of the party-goers are dressed in Jubilee costumes, and most of the group is made up of older people.  Couples then get up to dance, and following this, the best dressed costume award winners line up with their prizes, posing for the camera.