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This film is about a Scout Jamboree in Sutton Coldfield. The Jamboree takes place in a park where the scouts partake in activities including parades, gliding airplane displays, and theatrical displays such as a circus and war dance. Scout groups from all over the world including Israel, Ghana, and Australia have come to participate in the event. The BBC has sent a cameraman to film the jamboree, and there is also a visit from the Queen and Prince Philip.

Title - Jubilee Jamboree Indaba Moot
Sutton Coldfield 1957
The film opens with a town street. There are people making their way long the sidewalks while traffic moves up and down the streets. Some of the buildings in town are decorated with Union Jacks and other patriotic decorations.
At the Jamboree, scouts and other participants can be seen entering the campgrounds. There are displays of flowers and shrubbery which have been cultivated into specific designs for the festivities. There are many smaller camps within the overall campsite which display names of various troupes or regions including Moisson and Volgelenzang. In the middle of the camp there is a large clock placed on top of a structure of a globe. There are more gate displays for smaller camps, and the scouts can be seen setting up and filling the large field with their tents. After the set up, the scouts have a meal in a large food tent. Leaders can also be seen posing for pictures, and there are more signs for the different camps including Copenhagen, Moisson, etc, as well as Exhibitions and the Theatre.
There are framed gates at the entrance of each smaller camp made up of different art work and displays of patches including the gate for the Central Yorkshire troupe. Additionally, there is a large piece of machinery which drills a hole in the ground - most likely to be used as a water source later on.
Title - Swaps!
Boys from different scouting troupes can be seen exchanging small trinkets and keepsakes.
Title - 1st August Opening Day
All of the different scouting groups, both girls and boys, as well as representatives from different countries, are present for the opening day. There are many flagpoles displaying the flag of each group taking part in the Jamboree. Many of the scouts appear in formations marching around the field while the others fill the stands as spectators. There is also a marching band which marches across the field. A BBC cameraman can be seen elevated above the field on a crane filming the day's events. There is a brief shot of a boy being carried out on a stretcher with a nurse following closely before many more scenes of groups of scouts marching around the field. At the end, the troupes line up in front of a podium where a man gives a speech to the crowd.
Title - Swiss National Day
Flags are set up, and there is a fireworks display that night. The next day, participants can be seen in various parts of the camp including in the centre around the clock mounted on the globe.
Title - The Queen and Air Scout Show
Scouts and other spectators, making up a large crowd, are set up around the field to see the Queen and the Air Show following her appearance. In addition, one of the spectators has a Bolex camera set up on a tripod to film the festivities. People can be seen rushing to get to the show before it starts. The Queen makes an appearance on a platform in front of the crowd. All the scouts on the field are in formation and salute the Queen. The groups then march around the field, and there are many shots of the crowd as well.
The Air Show begins and large gliding planes fly through the sky. Some of them can be seen landing on the field and are pushed out of the way by the scouts. Remote controlled airplanes are also used.
After the show, the Queen and Prince Philip come out of a tent and make their way to a car to leave the Jamboree. The tent is surrounded by spectators, many with cameras, hoping to catch an up-close view of the royals. Prince Philip stops briefly to shake a few hands before the two depart.
Title - The Rains Came
Here people try to make their way through the muddy fields and roads which have been washed out by the rains. A group of scouts returns with a cart of firewood, and there are more shots of the crowd which inhabits the campsite.
Title - the 'Horrors' Present
The Three Ring Circus
A circus performance takes place on the field in which many of the scouting groups take part. Some perform exercise displays while others act in costume. There are "horses" made up of two boys as well as others dressed as penguins, and a "strong man" just to name a few.
Title - (display) New Zealand Maori War Dance
Here members of the New Zealand scouts perform a traditional Maori dance. Near the end of the dance, a large Kiwi bird (someone in costume) come out. The warriors chase it in a hunt scene before exiting the field and finishing the performance.
There is a short boat tour down the river before returning to camp to see many of the scouts mingling and exchanging stories and information. On the lake, there are many boats as well as a few theatrical displays by different scouting groups. Once includes what appears to be a large sea serpent which eats one of the boats full of boy scouts. The scouts are able to escape cutting the serpent in two from the inside out. The Gainsborough Sea Scouts also display their rescue skills using a flare gun, life preserve, and a pulley system.
Title - The Court of King Neptune
Another scout group perform a skit based around King Neptune and featuring mermen and scuba divers.
Title - Britons vs Vikings
This portion is a theatrical naval fight between the Vikings and early Britons.
Back at the camp, there is some leisure time while some of the older members dance. Also, more gates to the smaller camps including Brasil and Australia. A young newsboy hands out newspapers in the centre of camp. Finally, the Jamboree ends, and people can be seen packing up all over the camp. The tent once full of fields is now vacant as the last of the scouts leave the camp.
Title - The End.