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YFA 1117



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The following newsreel records the Rugby League Cup between Castleford and Huddersfield, Castleford winning 11-8.

Title-Taken exclusively for R.T.A Pictures Lt. the Picture house Castleford.

Lots of superimposed images of African men rowing, Buckingham Palace Guards marching and superimposed over it is the title...

Title-British Movie Tone News

A man in a studio talks to the camera and says that Movie Tone brings you the news that has been gathered from around the world.


This film records the Rugby League Cup between Castleford and Huddersfield and the voice over says that it is Castleford's first Cup Final. The two teams file out onto the pitch; Castleford are in white and Huddersfield are in the striped shirts. They line up opposite each other and are introduced to Lord Hardy who shakes hands with them all. There are shots of the huge crowd waving their hankies in the air.

The match starts, and is filmed from pitch-side giving a great variety of up-close shots. The commentator talks about the various teams and their players. Huddersfield scores first and then Castleford score a try. At half-time it is 5-3 to Castleford and this is followed by scenes of the large crowd of spectators.

In the end Castleford win 11-8 so the winning team go up to the stage and receive the trophy. The captain, Atkinson, is carried across the pitch on his team members' shoulders, and then the players walk around parading the cup.

Title-Movie Tone News

The End.