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YFA 4854



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Made in and around Hull, this film contains footage of a street party which was held in celebration of the 1935 Jubilee.  The film also includes a fancy dress competition at the Stoneferry Carnival and physical fitness displays by members of the Hull Physical Culture Club. 

Title – Jubilee Celebrations at Hull.  Lord Mayor sends message by Carrier Pigeons.

Men, women, and children are gathered together in a park where two men attach a message to a pigeon’s leg before the bird is left to fly away. 

Title – Terrace & Street Celebrations

All the neighbourhood children are gathered together in the narrow street between sets of terraced houses, and patriotic decorations and bunting hang between the houses.  Older family members have now also gathered in the street with the children, and in the centre of the crowd is a nurse who does a little dance for the camera.  The children also wave for the filmmaker.  Tables have been set up for the party, and the children, many wearing paper hats, sit and eat at the tables.  Their parents stand behind them. 

Title – Stoneferry Carnival.  Fancy Dress Celebration and Children’s Tea.

A prize table has been set up for the event, and a man in a hat stands behind the table where he makes a list.  More spectators, or possibly judges, are gathered behind him.  Following this are shots of the children who are in fancy dress, focusing on individual children as well as small groups.  At the end of the celebration, prizes are awarded.

Inside an events hall, the Children’s Tea takes place.  The children are all sitting at tables which are covered with white linen table cloths.  The adults are gathered at the edges of the room, and there are a few small round tables for some of the older people in attendance. 

Back outside, groups of adults have gathered for the camera, and some of them are also in fancy dress. 

Title – Entertainment & Displays in the Parks

There is a brief shot of a ventriloquist performing on a small stage set up in the centre of a park.  Following this are physical displays from the Hull Physical Culture Club.  A body builder is on stage with a presenter who explains which muscles to which the athlete draws attention.  A large crowd has gathered to watch the entertainment in the park, and a group of children are near the front of the stage.  Following the bodybuilder is a man who lifts a barbell high above his head.  He also lifts a kettlebell to his shoulders.  There are shots of the crowd who watch the display intently; some laugh and others smile for the camera.  Boys from the audience make their way to the stage to see if they are strong enough to lift the weights, and members of the Club act as spotters.  There is more footage of the people gathered for the event in the park including some children who picnic on the grass.  The film closes with shots of children on playground equipment.