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YFA 58



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This is a film showing the local Jubilee celebrations of King George V at Clayton West, near Bradford.

Title | Jubilee celebrations at Clayton West

Title | Decorations at Clayton West

A man puts balloons and streamers on a house, and from a wider angle the whole street is shown to be bedecked with bunting and Union Jacks.

Title | Judging of Competitions

Boys and girls dressed in fancy dress, including a chimney sweep, a gypsy and Tweedledum and Tweedledee are scored by the judges.

Title | The Procession

The parade begins down the street with a marching band and the children in fancy dress.

Title | Members of the Council

Four smartly-dressed men walk down the street in front of the band and children, heading past a large house with manicured lawns.

Title | The Childrens Sports

Running races for boys and girls are shown, before the crowd watches an egg and spoon race.

Title | The Children's Sports

In what appears to be a different location, there are more running races and a skipping race, for which the girls are handed sweets and prizes.

Title | Clayton West Procession

The parade is led by a marching band, many of whom are wearing overcoats. A horse-drawn carriage carries the May Queen and her maids of honour. There is a banner reading "British Work People" before floats and a toddler riding a pony. The four council members wear rosettes and march at the front of the procession, followed by children in fancy dress, and the film ends.