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YFA 3885



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This film documents the Silver Jubilee celebrations which take place in Walkington Village.

The film opens with a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II.

Title - Queen Elizabeth 2nd. This is her Silver Jubilee Year.

A pint of beer is on top of a miniature beer barrel with a lion on the front (Best Bitter). A man takes the glass. The man is standing with another man wearing glasses standing in front of a collage of (William the Conqueror) the two men raise their glasses to the collage and take a drink. A man and a woman enter the kitchen carrying two large bottles.

A red and yellow set of disco lights flash on and off, and men and women dace together on the dance floor. Some stand in the refreshments room eating and drinking. A red and yellow set of disco lights flash on and off.

A woman takes a plate filled with party food off the table, where there is a Union Jack flag is part of the table display. An English flag sails from the top of a church tower. Inside the church a group of five bell ringers ring the church bells around the font.

Outside the houses in the village, Union Jack flags and flags from other countries hang outside their gardens, from the rooftops, and across the street. Union Jack stickers are arranged in a display on the windows, and bunting hangs from the porches as well as red, blue and white balloons which hang across the street. Union Jack flags hang from the front of the Walkington Village Hall. People walk down the streets where bunting and flags are hung above the streets.

Men and women walk down the street together and into the Ferguson Fawsitt Arms. The people gather inside the pub and talk. Some people sit down at a long table in centre of the room to eat a meal together.

Different countries flags hang above the field where events are taking place. A presenter introduces a group of men and women wearing shirts and trousers and red and green cheque dresses who sing for the crowds of people gathered in front of them. Two girls face each other and eat ice creams. Two women dressed in costumes perform cabaret dancing, and a group of children hold each other's hands in pairs and skip through the crowds to the open green arena and dance. A girl sleeps under a rug on the grass. Crowds of people walk around the stalls while others sit together with their families eating picnics. A woman in a long green coat sits in front of a piano in the arena. A choir stands in front of the house, and they are singing from music sheets. There is a bicycle is decorated with a Union Jack flag with a crown and the year 1977.

A man helps three boys light the bonfire. Two girls wear paper hats (Plumrose - Fine Food Bright.) The bonfire is fully alight, and black smoke pours from the top.