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YFA 3443



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This film contains footage of some trials that a Jowett car is put through by the army to test if it could double as a gun tank.

Title-The demonstration was given on the 31st October 1927 before- Viscount Lascelles K.G. DSO Col, A.J. Hunter CMR DSO MC (146th 1st WR Infantry Brigade), Col J.G.B. Allerdyce CMG DSO (CRA 49th West Riding Division)

Title-Other men involved were:
Col T.W. Pragnell D.S.O. (A.Q.M/G/ Northern Command)
Capt. W.G.Harriot, M.C. (Staff Captain Northern Command)
Capt. T.S.Riley, M.C.
Capt. C.H. Plackett.
Col H.F.F. Lewin C.M.G.
Capt J.D. Woodall M.C.
Maj. J.D. Gawthorpe (adj)
Maj. E Partridge (India Store Department)
Capt W.H. Orchard, M.C.

Title-This film records a test made over rough ground by a 7HP Jowett Chassis fitted with a special body as suggested for a Battery Commander's Reconnaissance Ca.

The car is driven back and forth across a field; there are men sitting at the back of the car with a long item that is meant to be a gun.

Title -The car was fitted with a Lewis Gun, range finder and other equipment to help in the firing process. It carried four men, one to drive and the others to help set up the gun. The men at the rear are provided with hand-hold strips fixed to the floor to enable them to retain their seats when the car is traversing rough ground.

Title-The men can easily lift it.

The first test was made by a representative of Jowett Cars Limited. The car is driven over rough, uneven ground with steep, muddy inclines and crowds of men that stand around watching. The men give demonstrations of inserting metal rods in through the wheels and carrying the car short distances by holding onto these rods.

Title-Owing to the even distribution of weight, deep mud forms no obstacle to its progress.

They then show it drive over rough terrain. The car is well equipped to make its way through the rough fields and can easily get out of a mud slide. We see the car making its way through a deep muddy field; two men are on the back with a gun facing away from the car whilst the other two are at the front. It drives up and down hills, through water ditches and at times drives very close to some of the spectators and the camera.

Title-Capt. Riley M.C. accompanied by Colonel Hunter and Capt. Harriott drove the car over the same route.

Men stand back as the car pulls off and starts following the rough and muddy track up and down and around the course.


There is another scene in which the car is driven along a road and is stopped at the side of it. The driver gets out of the front and walks off and the man at the back gets off and takes the long gun and tripod out of the back. He puts it onto the ground and aims the gun as if to shoot off in the distance; they get back into the car and drive off.

Title-A muddy incline.

Title-Jowett Cars Limited of Bradford Yorkshire.

There are more panning shots of the muddy field and the car driving around it.

The final shots show the large crowd of male spectators leaving the field at the end of the trials.