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YFA 3557



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This programme takes a look at the National Viking Centre Museum in York as it nears completion. The film shows the Museum being completed on the space of the archaeological dig site in Coppergate, York. It features interviews with many of those involved in the planning and construction of the Museum, explaining how it aims to preserve the remains of Jorvik, the Viking capital over 1000 years ago.

The programme begins looking down the Shambles, onto the Minster.  Then various museum exhibits are shown going back chronologically, accompanied with a musical soundtrack appropriate for each age.  Then there is an overhead shot of York and of Coppergate.  There then follows a series of interviews, stressing the Museum's innovative audio-visual presentation techniques and its historical accuracy designed to counteract popular misconceptions about the Viking Era.  Interviews include: PETER ADDYMAN (Director, York Archaeological Trust), ANTHONY GAYNOR (Project Director), IAN SKIPPER (businessman and co-financier of the project), MAGNUS MAGNUSSON (broadcaster and Chairman of Stewards, YAT), JOHN SUNDERLAND (Reconstruction Design Director), GRAHAM IBBESSON (sculptor/designer of museum's display mannequins), PHOEBE MCLEOD (Museum Production Manager), CAROLYN LLOYD (Archaeologist/Researcher), ALAN BINNS (Viking ship expert), ALF READMAN (Sail-maker), RICHARD HALL (Archaeologist and director of original dig), JIM SPRIGGS (Senior Conservator). All subject matter of the interviews includes the project's history, development, financing, presentation.

The programme also includes footage of York and its famous sites and historic architecture including the Shambles with shoppers and York Minster.

Parts of the museum exhibitions are shown such as museum mannequins - figures through history (modern-day, wartime, Victorian, mediaeval); various museum centrepieces - detailed reconstruction of Viking settlement with life-size mannequins, smells and sound effects; and museum staff working on displays.

A major part of the project is the dig at Coppergate which is also documented including footage of mechanical excavators, dig-workers, and excavated timbers being winched out of preservation bath.

Narrated by Roger Greenwood
Jorvik sound designer  Trevor Wishart
Camera  Alan Wilson
Sound  Barry Box, Kevin Quirk, Graham Ironside.
Yorkshire Television  Ltd.  1984