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YFA 1150



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This film documents the travels of a Sheffield-based family including countryside locations and departure from Manchester airport.

The film begins with a group of ladies, first outside a house, then beside a large lake or reservoir. They are again seen in a country village and eating dinner. A group of people pose for the camera in a back garden before the film moves on to briefly show the changing of the guard in London.

Next, the ladies are in a back garden with roses and a poodle, and a man waters the lawn. The film switches to show a large country house, possibly Chatsworth House, and the grounds. Two ladies pick heather from the roadside before a group of people are shown. This is followed by scenes of a village and a fair.

A couple load their car with luggage before driving off, and then board a plane at Manchester Airport. In the next scene, there is a large lake surrounded by mountains, which are then filmed from a moving car. The film shows a town before it is back to the lake on a boat.

Further travel shows English fields and seaside. A couple of women skim stones over the sea. The beach is lined with small sailing boats. The film then moves quickly between different clips: the early warning station at Fylingdales; a family have a picnic next to their parked car; visiting a country house; a racecourse; flooded streets in Sheffield; fair ride; woman sitting on steps with cat; an elderly couple arriving in a car; a drive through a village; a traditional dance; people sitting at a dining table; a large lorry struggling to get around tight village corner in snow - Pickford's low loader; a snow covered landscape; a group of people in the countryside; the coast; people boarding a coach; a heavy lorry convoy - Wynn's; bonfire; a drive through countryside; an airport; a Hillman Imp car; a rocky coastline with lighthouse; a sandy beach; women climbing up some steps and then on the beach. The film then comes to an end.