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NEFA 14156



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This is an amateur home movie compilation featuring Dorothy and Stephen Morton's son Jonathan. Footage includes a fun village 'knockout' and various school sports, probably at grounds in Etherley, Bishop Auckland, in County Durham; holiday visits to the Lake District and learning to canoe; delivery of a new caravan; and Jonathan's 7th and 8th birthday parties, which seem to be during the Christmas period. 

The film begins with an 'It's a Knockout' style games competition. The first contest involves carrying two buckets of water on each end of a long wooden pole, then walking across obstacles. One participant drops a bucket. The buckets are then given to a group of girls who appear to be filling another bucket with water which is poured down a length of hose.

A group of teenagers try to negotiate an obstacle course using stilts.

Next, behind a rope barrier, spectators enjoy refreshments from a table next to a tent.

A line of boys and a line of girls throw some items to each other across a gap marked out on the field with two parallel white lines.

The film cuts back to the water carrying contest, then more views follow of the stilt walking contest, and the throwing contest.

Next, a change of game as girls try netball, and boys try kicking a ball through tyres which are suspended from a frame. Another game involves a row participants all wearing bags over their heads, hanging on to a rope as they are 'guided' around an obstacle course. They have to crawl under a sheet and walk across a polythene sheet covered in soap and very slippery.

A new game tests the skill of potential golfers. The three paddling pools filled with water are placed at different lengths from the tee. Contestants have to try and get the ball into the paddling pool. Group portrait of a team. One of the team receives a prize from an official.

The next sequence records a caravanning holiday. A young boy sits on some portable steps next to an array of camping paraphernalia and suitcases strewn across a grass lawn. The boy on the steps makes faces at the camera.

A tractor is hitched up to a caravan, and the caravan is towed away from its pitch at a caravan park in the Lake District. Another caravan is delivered to the same pitch by lorry.

In the garden of a suburban bungalow, a family is enjoying the sunshine. A young girl juggles some tennis balls, another tries the same thing. General reviews show the adults sitting contentedly in the sun, then everyone tucks into tea and cakes. The family dog tries to get a morsel or two.

A man sits at a table near the open door of his Ford Cortina (Mk 2) in a school car park. Some children appear from the school building carrying chairs, setting up for a sports day. On the school field a boys running race takes place. Boys and girls egg and spoon races take place. Another race takes place where the children have to move sideways over the grass mimicking crab movements. Another race involves rolling a ring in front of the participant as they run. Another race tests the skill of holding a bean bag between the knees while jumping to the end of the course without dropping the bean bag. Next, the girls team up in twos for a piggyback race. Older boys compete in sprint races then go over a series of hurdles. They then engage in a relay race. A mothers sprint race follows. 

The film cuts to a view of a station platform where a steam engine is waiting.

Jonathan and his father are at the quayside of a lake in the Lake District. A tourist cruise boat heads out on the lake. Smaller sailing boats and rowing boats can be seen in the distance. In a field in the Lake District an athletic competition is taking place, a mountain range in the distance. The event includes a competition with dogs and their owners.

A young boy plays with a frog he's found in the back yard.

Next, the film reveals a collection of birthday cards for a seven year old on display on a table laid for a party, with a snowman decoration suggesting Christmas is near. Brief view shows food being heated on a cooker hob. The boy's party is in full swing with friends around the table eating. A Christmas tree is in the background. The birthday boy lights candles on his cake, made in the shape of a number seven. His guests look on as he lights the candles. They all gather round to sing 'Happy Birthday' and the new seven year old tries to cover his ears. He then blows out the candles.

The film cuts to the boys playing in the garden, with an old piece of rope.

It's Christmas day and Jonathan opens presents next to the Christmas tree. He holds up a large box which contains an Action Man assault craft. Another opened parcel reveals a Blue Peter annual. Other presents already opened include a Meccano set and a model tank.

The nearby dining table is set out for a meal, a photograph of the young boy is also on the table.

In low light, the boy plays with a friend.

On a country road two women with children point down to a worm emerging onto a path. The children play amongst the trees on a slope down to a river. In another part of the wood, the group walk along a path towards the camera.

The next view shows a church, Jonathan hanging around at the gates. He then walks down a side street towards the Kings Arms pub and onto a busy main street with a number of parked cars. The boy sits down at the base of a stone  memorial or market cross. He's then filmed walking along a gravel track. He stands next to a notice which reads: 'Sports Base - Lake District Leisure Pursuits Sailing and Canoeing School'

The film cuts to a view through trees and a lake with sailing boats crossing the water. Jonathan carries a paddle under his arm as he heads off with other adults towards the lake. They all put on life jackets and undertake some instruction before taking their canoes down to the lake. They all set off  in their canoes. The next views show canoes and canoeists on the shore, then out again on the lake. A duck supervises some of her offspring on the shore as the canoeists make land again. Then out again on the lake where they play a version of water polo with a ball. General views follow of the canoeists, some capsizing during the game.

Another sports day is recorded. Schoolchildren bring chairs out of the school building onto a field. There follows a number of sports events including sprinting for the boys, an 'egg and spoon' race for both boys and girls (although they appear to be using tennis table bats and balls), a bunny hop race, a jumping race with bean bags, chaotic races on all fours including a wheelbarrow race, and a race for mothers and fathers. 

The film cuts back to the lake where canoeists test their skills. A canoe is taken from the roof rack of a car, then down to the lake. Jonathan is launched onto the lake in his canoe. He stays close to the shore as he paddles his way over the lake.

Another birthday party for the young boy follows (quite dark). His friends gather around to admire a new present. They all gather around the table for something to eat. A cake in the shape of a number eight takes pride of place on the table. The boy's grandmother(?) also enjoys a meal. The young birthday boy makes faces at the camera. Candles are lit on the cake in the dark and then blown out. The boy cuts the cake. The film ends as the boy and his friends gather near a small Christmas tree and sing.