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YFA 992



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This film comprises a compilation of reels made by the Bamforth Film Company and includes: A Joke on the Gardner, An Overfull Seat, The Would Be Conjuror, The Tramp and the Babies Bottle, Catching the Milk Thief, and Lover Kisses Husband.

In `The Bitter Bit' (Incorrectly titled as A Joke on the Gardener), a young man plays a joke on the gardener by stepping on the watering hose to stop the water flow. When the gardener looks closely at the top of the hose, the young man releases it and the gardener gets drenched. He runs after the young man and wets him with the hose.

In `Queensbury Tunnel' there are shots of a train going into a tunnel and shots of a cargo train coming out of a tunnel.

`An Overfull Seat' starts with a shot of four people on a park bench. A tramp appears and approaches the bench even though it is full. He goes up to each one in order and smokes in their face and annoys them so that they get up off the bench. The tramp lies down on the bench, then smokes a cigarette and reads the newspaper that was left behind.

`The Would Be Conjurer' opens with a magician on a stage. A country bumpkin participates in one of the tricks. The magician holds the bumpkin's nose and makes it appear that gold coins are pouring from his nose into a hat on the floor. When the bumpkin tries the trick at home on his wife, it doesn't work and she beats him to the ground with a rolling pin.

In `The Tramp and the Babies Bottle', a nursemaid sits on a park bench with a baby in a pram. A policeman comes along and they flirt. While they are distracted a tramp appears on the scene and tries to drink the milk from the baby's bottle. He is caught and taken off to custody.

`Catching the Milk Thief' opens with a country bumpkin sleeping in a field next to a box of Nestl? Milk. A tramp creeps up and takes a drink from it but is caught by the bumpkin and pours the whole box over him. Two passers-by join in and manage to tie him to a wheelbarrow with ropes.

`Lover Kisses Husband' starts with a woman and a man embracing. The woman sees her husband and runs off. Without the admirer looking, the husband sits down next to the admirer who gives the husband a kiss. The two fight, and the husband drench the admirer under a tap with water.