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A road safety film for children intended for the 7-9 year old age group made by the West Riding Accident Prevention Federation that, through short scenes, follows a boy on a trip to a shop where he must cross roads using the Kerb Drill.

The film starts with a symbol of a flower and some music. This is followed by shots of some children running out of a school gate towards the camera.

Title-The West Riding of Yorkshire Accident Prevention Federation Present


Geoffrey Wheeler is standing on a street with a microphone. He says that he is going to tell us a story about two boys called Johnnie and Peter who are good friends and go to the same school.

Two boys are walking down a street in the direction of the camera. The voice over describes the two boys as they walk down the road. Peter is deep in conversation and doesn't see a wheel barrow on the path and falls into it; he gets up and carries on.

The boys continue down the road and step back to let a blind man and his guide dog pass. The voice over comments on how clever the dog is as it leads the man away from the wheel barrow.

Johnnie shows Peter some pictures in his football comic and Peter offers Johnnie a rubber mouse for the comic; they swap.

They part at Peter's house and Johnnie carries on. Johnnie walks down the road and walks in a puddle; then he crosses the road while carrying out his kerb drill. The voice over describes how he stands on the kerb, looks right and left several times before crossing quickly but without running.

Johnnie's mother walks up the street towards her house; she meets Johnnie as he arrives at the house. The voice over says that she immediately notices the mud on his shoes. She gives him a list of groceries, money and a carrier bag and Johnnie heads off to the shops.

There are shots of Johnnie as he walks from a quiet road onto a busier road; all the time the voice over comments on the way that Johnnie keeps well in from the road and doesn't cross the road between two parked cars.

He goes into the shop and knocks down a tower of cans but the grocer knows it was an accident so he helps Johnnie to pick them up. He then gets the grocery items for Johnnie, puts them in a bag and gives him his change. Johnnie leaves but as there are lots of parked cars on the side of the street, he will have to cross between them. He carries out the kerb drill again and crosses the road and walks home. Geoffrey Wheeler, the voice over, walks into shot and comments on what the audience has learned. He recaps on the precautions to take when crossing roads

In the last scene Johnnie is sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of ice-cream that his mother has just given him. Acknowledgements are running over the image.

Title-The Federation thanks Montague Burton Ltd for their generous support in the making of this film in the interests of Road Safety for Children.

Title-Thanks are also due to the Bradford Playhouse, Leeds City Police, H. Moorhouse and Son.

Title-Commentary by Geoffrey Wheeler

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-For the West Riding of Yorkshire Accident Prevention Federation