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YFA 1746



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This is a short film made by Derrick Walton showing building work on the extension of John F. Walker textile mill in Skipton.  The film shows the men on roofs, constructing a framework for the extension, fitting air conditioning units etc.  The end of the film shows very brief interior shots of the factory.

The film begins with a workman stood on the back of a lorry of Brewster’s Ltd.  There are builders with ladders leading onto a roof where men are laying tiles.  It is snowing quite heavily as one workman throws rubble onto the back of a lorry.  A building is being constructed out of breeze blocks.  Some of the old building is demolished, and the concrete floor is ripped up with pneumatic drills.  A large machine is unloaded from a lorry of Francis E. Cox of Keighley. This is then crowbarred into the unfinished building and the steel roof frame is jacked into position and welded.  Finally the walls are coated and the film finishes showing the machinery in action in the finished building.