Film ID:
NEFA 21980



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An amateur film made by John Martin Jackson that focuses on his friend John Dodds of Sillywrea Farm near Hexham in Northumberland. The film shows John and others using Clydesdale horses to work the land ploughing, cultivating and harrowing the earth. Horses are also filmed mowing grass in a meadow and moving logs in a wood. As well as footage of John Dodd, the film also include film of an agricultural show, most likely the Northumberland County Show at Corbridge. In these sections cattle are displayed on a show field and two men take part in Cumberland wrestling.

The film opens on John Dodd of Sillywrea Farm near Hexham in Northumberland working with two Clydesdale horses to plough a field. The film changes to show the two Clydesdale pulling a seed drill up and down the field with John standing on the back of the machine holding the reins. The film changes to show views of sheep, some with lambs, in a number of fields.

[Dark] The film cuts to show John Dodd using Clydesdale horses to move felled logs along a forest trail.

Back on Sillywrea farm, views of fowl wandering the yard and a collie dog relaxing on grass. A cat sits nearby.

On a beach a dog splashes around in the surf, it’s master throwing a ball or stick into the sea. A man and woman walk along the beach accompanied by the dog.

The film returns to Sillywrea Farm and John Dodd ploughing a different field with two Clydesdale horses. On this occasion he is joined by a second man holds the reins of a cultivator also being pulled by two Clydesdales. The two men work the field together side-by-side.

General views show a horse with her foal in a field, the film cuts to show the wind blowing grass in a meadow.  A general view follows of a recently ploughed field with birds flying overhead.

The film cuts to show men in white coats leading a number of prize cattle, some with calf, onto a showground at the Northumberland County Show. Crowds watch from behind a barrier as the animals are paraded around.

Back on Sillywrea Farm John Dodd rides a horse drawn hay cutter up and down a meadow mowing the grass. There are views of the mounds of cut hay lying on the ground.

The film changes to a view looking down onto a showground with crowds walking the site. Two Union Jack’s fly from poles beside a large showground on which is an event or competition involving horses.

A person holds the reins of two goats, the film cuts to a general view of the site with visitors walking around and past a number of stalls set up on trestle tables. In the background, horses continue to ride around on the show field.

A brass band performs for the crowds. They watch the conductor waving his arms enthusiastically. The film cuts to show a small crowd watching two men Cumberland wrestling. One man is thrown to the floor, they both get up and walk away. A view of a marquee and a van driving away cuts to show John Dodd standing beside one of his Clydesdale horses. A second horse eats grass nearby and a small crowd of onlookers, including an older couple, look and smile at the camera.

The film cuts back to the meadow on Sillywrea Farm and a view of John Dodd riding a horse drawn hay-rake machine. A second person rides past on another hay-rake turning the now dried hay followed by a third. They all ride side-by-side up and down the field. The film cuts to a view looking down onto a field of hay bales.
[Dark] The film cuts to the farmyard and a Clydesdale horse being harnessed to a harrow followed by the animal working in a field. John Dodd leads the two Clydesdale’s into another field and harnesses them to a sled. John rides the back of the sled as it rakes the earth in the field. Chicken roam the field as the sled passes up and down the field. The film ends on a duck back in the farmyard.