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YFA 2499



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A film from the Jowett Car Club collection that chronicles the club's first annual rally of Jowett Automobiles including famous models such as 'Jupiter' and 'Spirit'. The cars were first built in 1906 by a small engineering firm based in Bradford owned by brothers William and Benjamin Jowett, in 1954 production stopped but these classic cars have not disappeared as they have been entered in both national and international car rallies, many such as this club rally taking place in Yorkshire.

An opening shot shows a main street in a town and then it focuses on a sign for the Jowett rally which is on a lamp post.

The next sequence of shots shows all of the cars arriving in the town and following the signs for the rally. They drive along a country lane, past a pond, along another little lane with white walls on either side and finally into a field behind some big sheds.

In the exhibition field there are many classic cars lined up in rows, visitors and car owners talk, and other cars are driven around the field.

More shots capture the front of many of the cars on display before a lengthy sequence shows the enthusiasts inspecting the automobiles. Close-up shots concentrate on the body work and even the electrics of the cars, such as showing the headlights being turned on and off.

Following this is a close-up shot of a man being awarded a medal before shots of the cars leaving the site.