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NEFA 20879



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Amateur colour film recording the Coronation parade of Jewish ex-servicemen, which took place on 9th May 1937, Newcastle upon Tyne, in the run up to the coronation of George VI. This film is one in a collection of films recording life in the Jewish community of Newcastle, made by five independent film-makers between 1937 and 1962.

Title: These We Have Loved

Title: These We Have Loved

Shot of home-made poster stuck on wood panel wall that reads: Coronation Jewish Ex-Service Men's Parade, May 9th, 1937

Shots of ex-servicemen marching, poppy wreaths in evidence.

Title: Distinguished visitors from all over the country attend the service.

Shots of men talking and of a brass band, with the shop Firths Carpets visible in frame.

Title: Look at this picture and feel proud of your ex-servicemen.

Men march past camera, some carrying banners, including one for the "Jewish Ex-Servicemen's Association." Red, white and blue bunting hangs from lamp posts. Cavalry and brass band march past. The parade makes its way up Northumberland Street.

Title: Brother ex-servicemen from all over the North joined the parade.

Crowds of spectators line the street to watch the parade, with sign for Corrills Ltd. Tyre Service Depot in the background. Saluting with flags under the cenotaph in Old Eldon Square.

Title: The Lord Mayor and members of the council arrive at the cenotaph.

Dignitaries march past.

Title: The Lord Mayor inspects the parade.

The Lord Mayor wears ceremonial robe and chains. Scouts cadets stand to attention.

Title: In Memory of Those Who Fell.

Close-up of poppy wreaths in the shape of a Star of David.

Title: The March Past.

The Lord Mayor takes the salute. Parade passes Shilling Taylors.