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NEFA 20880



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This amateur black and white film records a parade of Jewish ex-servicemen, which took place on May 9th 1937, Newcastle upon Tyne, in the run up to the coronation of George VI. Footage includes a celebratory dinner, possibly at the Newcastle Maccabi Association. This film is one in a collection of films recording life in the Jewish community of Newcastle, made by three independent film-makers between 1937 and 1962.

Different bands of men and women including Jewish ex-servicemen and women, and various civic authorities in full regalia, march along a residential street, then past the war memorial on St. Thomas's Green, and down Percy Street away from Haymarket.  Two men in bowler hats carry a wreath in the procession. Bunting and flags decorate the streets. A tram sports a "Shop at Binns" poster advertisement, parked behind the crowd of onlookers lining the street. In the background, the sign for Tilley's Cafe and Restaurant of Blackett Street can be seen.

Scenes at the cenotaph follow: the Lord Mayor carries the ceremonial mace.

The scene cuts to a large indoor gathering where guests are drinking and talking at a celebratory dinner, possibly at the Newcastle Maccabi Association, but may be at Tilley's Restaurant. The camera pans along guests at a long table. Shots of general bonhomie and celebration, with some guests raising drinks in a  toast to camera.