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NEFA 16483



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Promotional film devised and produced by Walter Reeve showing the highlights of Jesmond Dene in Newcastle, including waterfall and banqueting hall. The film gives a history of the Dene and shows people enjoying the park such as the well-known local character, Mr Winter, who regularly feeds the birds. A record of an open-air barn dance on The Green on 12th July 1951 concludes the film.

Title: Jesmond Dene.

Title: Devised and Produced by Walter Reeve.

The film opens on a view of the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle skyline. A cargo ship is moored along the quayside.

The scene changes to show a yellow electric double decker tram bus travelling along a road beside the park. An overhead roadway can be seen in the background.

A car is parked outside a small lodge. Above traffic moves along the overhead roadway. A red double deck motor bus drives past the lodge.

A sign reads; ‘Jesmond Dene Public Park’.

Inside the park a man sits on a bench reading a newspaper surrounded by greenery and bushes with red flowers or blossom.

In another part of the park a man sits on a bench with a small girl; another man reads a book on a bench nearby.

A man in a trench coat walks through the park with two young girls. There is a close-up of the two girls who are both holding bouquets of wild flowers.

General view of a road with overhanging trees and blossom.

General view of the ruins of St Mary’s Chapel on Jesus Mount.

Two men walk along Pilgrim Street. They stop and look at the Ouseburn river which runs parallel to the path.

General views of the Ouseburn showing waterfalls, stepping stones and beck as well as the flora surrounding the river. A swan is seen on the water. 

General view of the Armstrong statue in Newcastle.

The scene changes to the rear of Deepdene House with its large lawn.

Two older men sit on a bench outside the front of Deepdene House.

General views of the exterior and interior of the banqueting hall inside Deepdene House including views of the replica Elgin marble statues, paintings and pipe organ.

Back outside there are general views of people crossing the Ouseburn via a stone footbridge; the waterfall flows just behind it.

General view of the ruins of Jesmond Dene Old Mill.

Two young boys on bicycles ride past a large green gate. A sign on the gate reads ‘Café’.

General view of a stone-built house in a courtyard.

Young couples and families walking through the park on a summer’s day. A Swan slowly moves across water.

Crowds of people sit on the grass in a large open field. Children can be seen playing.

A number of small birds on a path peck at breadcrumbs and seeds.

An older man, identified in the film as Mr Winter, stand on the path with his arms out as several birds eat from his hands.

Another small bird eats seed from Mr Winter’s hand; a couple watch him in the background.

General views of small birds on the path pecking at bits of breadcrumbs and seeds.

Mr Winter feds a small bird on the path. More birds land on his hands to feed.

The Scene changes to show a young couple reading a printed poster that reads; ‘An Open-Air Barn Dance, The Green, Deepdene Café, Thursday 12th July 1951 – Music by Jack Armstrong and his Northumbrian Barnstormers’.

An overhead view onto The Green where a large group of young men, women and children perform a number of folk dance routines accompanied by a group of musicians. Some of the men are wearing kilts.

The dancing slows and couples waltz around The Green. On the side people sit on the ground watching.

A crowd of people standing behind a woman who is sitting on a chair.

The film ends with the dancers in pairs performing a traditional Scottish dance.

End title: Incidental Music by Bensham Community Centre Orchestra (Bensham Grove Settlement). Conducted by W.R. James.

End title: Barn Dance Music by Jack Armstrong and his Northumbrian Barnstormers.