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YFA 2522



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A film from the Jowett Car Club collection that chronicles the club's annual rally of Jowett Automobiles including famous models such as 'Jupiter' and 'Spirit'. The cars were first built in 1906 by a small engineering firm based in Bradford owned by brothers William and Benjamin Jowett. In 1954 production stopped, but these classic cars have not disappeared, as they have been entered in both national and international car rallies such as this Dutch Tulip Rally.

The film opens with several colour images of a car badge with `Tulip Rally' written on it, a Dutch flag flying in the breeze and a flowerbed with lots of red and white tulips swaying gently.

A town square full with lots of men and cars; the men stand around talking and sitting in a caf? area with wicker seats and palm-style trees. A small sports car with two passengers tears around a corner, and drives off followed by a few more of varying styles.

The next scene is from the point-of-view of the driver as he goes along a winding road and pulls up where indicated, behind another car. Then the car is driving again and comes into another town square where there are more cars with competition numbers on the side. A young man and woman get out of separate cars and walk across the road together; the camera watches them.

The scene changes to the countryside where there are car rallies taking place on quite wild looking terrain. The camera and other spectators stand on a hill over-looking the track. In another shot a driver is being judged as he drives his car around marked out corners, up steep inclines and reverses. Other cars also take part in these trials.

In the next scene the car is back on the road and the driver appears to be a woman because when the camera bounces around you can see the side of her head and her hair style. The car drives along a very straight road which is lined with very tall trees with only a few leaves at the top.

The car passes over a river, comes back into another village and is directed by a man to go a certain way. Some of the point-of-view shots are taken out of the back of the car so that the drivers behind are visible.

In the next section are a lot of point-of-view front seat shots, as the car drives along windy country roads, through the hills and past some spectators.

The car has stopped and the woman driver comes out of a building and waves and smiles at the camera. Then she gets back into the car and drives along main roads lined with people then the car goes up out of an underpass and along more city roads.

There is a brief colour shot of flowers and flags.

From the front of the car, there are shots of lots of cars parked beside a big building; a finish sign can also be seen blowing in the breeze.

The same young man from earlier and another man unload bags from a car and put them onto a wooden table beside them.

In the next scene there are colour shots taken from above looking down onto a promenade beside the sea. There are crowds of people, rows of cars parked along the road, flags on flag poles and cafes visible below.

The scene then stays colour but changes to the countryside; fields of flowers are laid out in bold blocks of colour. A few men stand around in one of the fields with a film camera waiting on a group of women in Dutch dress who are being dressed for the waiting camera.

This next scene is black and white again and captures more shots of the rallies taking place on the track in the countryside. What is probably the winning car is surrounded by men, women and men with cameras; then it cuts back to another race on the track. There are shots of the huge crowd of spectators watching all of the races.

There is a colour shot of a big field and then point-of-view shots of the road from front of car. Following this are shots of a park area with hundreds of flowers in coloured blocks, small windmills among the flowers and flags.

There are some brief black and white shots of a town square.

The final scene is in colour and contains footage of a huge park containing flower beds full of flowers in huge blocks of colour. Also in the park is an event of some type as there are white tents visible in the background and lots of people milling about. There is another brief upside down shot of three men outside talking.