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From the Jowett Car Club collection, this film chronicles the track race known as the Harewood Hill Climb near Leeds involving Jowett Automobiles as well as other cars makes such as the Mini. Jowett cars were first built in 1906 by a small engineering firm based in Bradford owned by brothers William and Benjamin Jowett, in 1954 production stopped but these classic cars have not disappeared as they have been entered in both national and international car rallies and events.

Title-Harewood Hill Climb.

(Written on a blackboard by a woman).

Title-22nd July 1973.

This film opens with a shot of a leaflet advertising the climb. Then there are shots of some people standing around in a field.

An old style sports car drives around a bend and up a hill. Many more cars drive along the same road following the same route as the first car. The next shots are of lots of old sports cars with competition numbers driving slowly down a hill one after the other and down the route in the opposite direction. More cars drive up the hilly countryside route.

There are shots of the field base where all of the cars and many people have gathered to wait and to look at the cars on show. There are shots of some of the people checking their cars, fixing parts here and there and polishing them.

The camera is positioned at the start of the climb where the drivers wait; there is a small set of traffic lights that signal when the drivers can go. Then there is a point-of-view shot from the driver's seat as he drives up the hill and follows the Harewood Hill climb route.

The final few shots are of the variety of sports cars that are taking part in the climb.