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YFA 2510



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A film from the Jowett Car Club collection that chronicles the club's annual rally of Jowett Automobiles including famous models such as 'Jupiter' and 'Spirit'. The cars were first built in 1906 by a small engineering firm based in Bradford owned by brothers William and Benjamin Jowett, in 1954 production stopped but these classic cars have not disappeared as they have been entered in both national and international car rallies, many such as this club rally taking place in Yorkshire.

The film opens with shots of York's famous city walls before the action moves to the racecourse where the different models lined up neatly ready for the days inspection. There are many long shots of the garage area; sometime the camera zooms in to pick up more detail such as the cars engines and its workings. The parade of cars includes the famous Jupiter caught in long shot and close ups that show it is kept in pristine condition.

This colour film opens with a shot of a woman writing `I.J.R. York 1974' on a blackboard that is set up outside. In the next shot another man writes on a blackboard: `Camera-Pauline Laycock, Harry Brierley, Syd Laycock'.

In the next scene there is a shot of the map of the York city walls and then there are shots taken from up on the wall looking along the length of it. The camera lingers on one of the bars and the crest that is high up on the front of it. The following shot is taken along Coney Street heading in the direction of the York Minster and as the camera moves along the street it focuses on the Micklegate Bar sign and the ornate gates on one section of Coney Street.

At one of the bars a man comes out from under an archway and walks towards the camera; there is a shot of him walking along one section of the wall away from the camera.

The next scene opens in a camp site. Tents and vans are parked around the field. Some men in shirts and waist coats dig holes in the mud and hammer poles into the grass.

Title-Saturday 29th June.
(Written on the blackboard by the woman).

Several cars from around the 1920s and 1930s are parked in a covered exhibition garage; there are groups of men and a few women and children gathered around looking at the cars.
Outside in a field or park, there are lots of slightly more modern cars from around the 1950s or 1960. Cars have been lined up in rows; there are more people wandering around and examining them. There is another area that looks like the garage forecourt and again there are more cars and people filling it. The sign over the building reads 'Official Totalisator'.

In another section of the exhibition there are people standing beside cars and beside stands with car parts on them; they are talking to the visitors. One man is standing beside two glass boxes with what appear to be gold car models inside.

There are shots taken from the front of the garage forecourt looking at the fronts of all of the old-style sports cars and two stripped down engines that are on display on a table.

A man with a mutton chop moustache walks towards the camera smiling and talking. Some men behind him are inspecting the cars and writing on clipboards. Many of the cars have their bonnets open. A young woman walks past the camera smiling; she covers her face. A man stands beside a sign which reads `Jowett Car Club'. Then there are some more shots of the golden car models and a table full of trophies in rows. Spectators crowd around the table with the trophies and many of the people have cameras.

Title-The Parade Afterwards.
(Written on the black board by the woman).

In the garage forecourt some of the cars drive up to one of the judges who hands them a trophy through the window and shakes their hand; people stand around and clap. Then the judge holds up a microphone and makes a speech.

Title-Sunday Morning 30th June.
(Written on the blackboard).

There is a panning shot of the camp site; tents of varying sizes are pitched beside their cars. There are a couple of caravans and trailer tents too.

Title-A look round the city.

(Written on the blackboard).

There are shaky shots of some of the city walls in York and of a sign which reads: 'Castle Museum; the Folk Museum of Yorkshire Life'. This is followed by a shot of the Castle Museum taken from high up in Clifford's Tower and a shot taken from the bottom of the steps leading up to the tower.

In the following scene a few people wander along the city walls and take shots of York Minster and of some sections of the walls. There are also shots taken from a bridge looking down onto the boats and canoes. Then there are shots of the Shambles and Little Shambles, the Roman Baths, Whipmawhopmagate and surrounding areas.

Title-Sunday Afternoon Auto Tests.
(Written on the blackboard).

A `start' sign has been strung up across a street and many spectators have gathered along the side of the test site. The following few shots are of many classic cars driving around the course and doing the trial.

Title-A final look at historic York.
(Written on the blackboard).

The film concludes with more shots of the sights of York.