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YFA 2505



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From the Jowett Car Club collection, this film chronicles the club's seventh annual rally of Jowett Automobiles including famous models such as 'Jupiter' and 'Spirit'. The cars were first built in 1906 by a small engineering firm based in Bradford owned by brothers William and Benjamin Jowett, in 1954 production stopped but these classic cars have not disappeared as they have been entered in both national and international car rallies, many such as this club rally taking place in Yorkshire.

This film opens with a shot of the `Jowett Car Club' badge and then a shot of a hand unlocking a car door and starting the ignition. The speedometer goes up and the car moves off; there are shots of a reflection in the hub caps.

Title-Jowett Car Club, Southern Section Film Unit.


Title-International Jowett Rally.

Title-Harrogate 1972.

From the point-of-view of the driver there are shots of the car driving along the motorway. All of the signs that the driver passes are visible and he passes lots of traffic. When the car finally arrives in Harrogate there are shots of the park in the centre of Harrogate as the car drives along the main road.

In a separate shot there are maps and signs advertising the rally; they are attached to trees that line the road alongside the park.

Following this is a shot looking along a country village road; the camera is on the ground and a 1920s-style car drives over the camera without touching it. Two men walking along the road stop and stare.

Two men stand on a road and talk to classic car drivers as they arrive; the cars park in neat rows in a car park.

Crowds of men and women old and young walk along the car park and into a building, the exhibition centre. There are brief shots of engine parts and then of the cars all lined up. Then there are more cars of all shapes, sizes and vintage driven into the park.

People leave the exhibition building and walk in the direction of the camera.

There is a close-up shot of a page which reads `1972 I.J.R Concourse Results'. There are lists of names on the sheet.

A car leaves the exhibition garage pulling a trailer and some cars drive out after him. Following this is a shot from across a park of the Granby Hotel.

A guy in white overalls fixes a car as men stand around and watch him. Judges walk around examining the car engines and after that are auto tests. The cars drive around the poles, do manoeuvres and try to do it in the quickest time.

The chairman with the microphone announces the winners. There is a brief shot of the score sheet and then the handing out of trophies by the Vice President and then there are shots of more car trials.