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YFA 2587



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Made by a local York filmmaker, this film shows some of the winter flooding in York caused by the high level of the River Ouse.

The film begins by showing the level of water on some of the buildings standing next to the River Ouse, including a cafe and shop. Next the Kings Arms pub is shown with the water reaching nearly to the top of the windows. The Kings Arms is a famous spot in York as the pub is often flooded leaving its ground floor immersed in the river. There are more scenes of the river and the adjoining buildings. The water level is seen rising close to the top of arches of the Ouse Bridge, with a boat moored besides it. The Park Inn Hotel (at that time the Viking Hotel), is shown before seeing the flooding within the Guildhall. The level of water within the Guildhall can be seen, with some people trying to pump it out. There are further views of the Guildhall from the outside and of the river with a barge moored on the bank.