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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the year 1948. The Cooper family are here filmed at a family member's wedding, (Janice and Les'). Les was Ron's brother - Ron being the film maker. As with many of the Cooper films the family are also filmed at their family home - Rondor - in Leeds.

Title - "A Rondor Production".
Title - "Janice marries Leslie" then "Saturday August 7th 1948."

Leslie and Geoff walk up some church steps. Ma and Pa Cooper, (Ron's mum and dad), a man carrying a camera and holding Mick's (Ron and Dora's son) hand - he is holding hands with Dora, (mum) with his other hand. Ma and Pa Thomas, (Dora's mum and dad) with Auntie Ana, (Christiana Cooper - Ron's aunt) and Jill, (Ron and Dora's daughter) all walk past the camera.

The rest of the wedding party file past and two bridesmaids walk past, one of whom is Nan (Ron's sister), They wear flower patterned dresses with flower head pieces and carry bouquets of pink, red and white carnations.

Some more of the wedding party walk past and Janice (bride) is arm-in-arm with her dad. She wears a blue tailored suit and white hat, and carries a bouquet of red flowers.

Jill, Mick and Dora stand at the top of the church steps, just outside the doors. Mick walks down the steps with his hands full of confetti. Janice and Les, (Ron's brother / groom) come out of the church and everyone throws confetti over them. They walk down the steps and past the camera, followed by Geoff, (Ron's younger brother) and a bridesmaid and another man and Nan. Ma and Pa Cooper follow.

Janice and Les get in a car and are driven down the road. They get out of the car outside the reception hall. Nan, the other gentleman, Ma and Pa Cooper, Geoff and Francis, (Geoff's girlfriend) also get out of a car.

Janice and Les pose outside the hall, the rset of the wedding party mingle and watch the photographers. Shots of the whole group - all the women wear dresses and hats fashionable for the time.

Inside the reception hall, the tables are set up and guests begin to take up their seats. Janice and Les cut the cake and everyone stands so they can be seen better on camera
Janice and Les climb into the back of their chauffeur-driven car.

Title - "And now we wish them well"
Title - "Good Luck"

Tony, (Janice and Les' eldest child) sits on the floor with Mick, (his cousin). Janice holds and talks to him outside their house. Ma Cooper, (grandma) then holds and talks to him. Jill, (Tony's cousin / Mick's sister) Tony and Mick sit on a rug in the garden. Mick gives Tony a kiss, and then so does Jill. Tony sits on his own on the rug, playing with his toys.

Mick and Tony, about three years later stand outside a garage. Janice is carrying baby Pat, (Janice and Les' second child). Jill then comes and takes hold of Pat.

Title - "Tony 4th Birthday"

Jill, Mick, Pat and Tony sit on a garden wall. Close up of all the children. Les holds hands with Pat and Tony and he walks with them towards the camera. Janice is now sitting on the wall and she picks Tony up and sits him down next to her, Les picks up Pat and talks to her.

Mick, Tony, Janice, Dora, (aunt) and Jill sit on the wall. Jill and Dora wear matching pink, flowered dresses. Les is standing holding Pat.

Mick and Tony are in the back garden of Rondor, Leeds. Tony is wearing a cowboy outfit (a birthday present?). Close-ups of Pat, Leslie and Tony. Janice, Pat, Dora and Jill sit on the swinging chair in Rondor's back garden. Tony, Mick and Les push them.

Title - "Tony 7yrs"
Title - "Pat 5yrs"
Title - "Richard 2yrs"

Richard, (Janice and Les' third child) toddles around in the back garden of Rondor and looks at a stone rabbit. He walks towards the camera. Pat holds his hand and walks around with him. Dora, Jill and Pat all talk to Richard and Jill shows him the stone rabbit. Mick bowls a cricket ball in the background. Janice, Tony and Les join them.

Janice holds baby Paul, (Janice and Les' fourth child) outside their family home. Richard and Les join them and all the family are together. Close-ups of Janice and Paul together - Paul pulls faces because of the wind.

Title - "The End"