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The building of the Jane Whiteley Memorial Homes, October 25th 1933 was opened on 9th June 1934, the day culminating with a Yorkshire Tea held in the Methodist school room. The architect was John C. Proctor, Clarendon Road, Leeds. The home was built in memory of Jane Whiteley, Mr D.H.Whiteley's grandmother Jane, who died in 1932. The housing, four bungalows, built as the residence for the elderly or infirm, was to be rent free on condition they were kept neat and tidy and were especially for those who had worked at the mill. Most of the current residents still fit the category as elderly and a nominal fee is now charged. The homes are a registered charity.

The large elderly man, in a trilby hat and moustache and in the centre of the group, is Mr D.H. Whiteley's grandfather, William L. Whiteley, who co- founded Whiteley's Paper Mill along with his two brothers, Ben and Sam. Mr D.H.Whiteley's brother John lays the foundation stone for the west wing, while his mother, Kate, stands to his right. Charles Whiteley lays the foundation stone for the east wing, while the rest of the family, including Mr David Whiteley's father, Holmes (next to photographer) look on. Building work begins. Lawrence Pickles, a solicitor from Otley, takes a photograph. Mr D.H. Whiteley's father, Holmes stands next to a stack of bricks by Pool Church. Credits at the end name all those who attended.
Shot by Mr Whiteley's father & uncle who shared a camera & projector bought in 1929.