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YFA 4724



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This film, by amateur filmmaker Fred Brackenbury, is part of the Nowell collection and contains footage from a political visit by Jacob Malik to the Valley Gardens, a visit by Princess Alexandra to some Municipal Offices and some shots of Knaresborough.

Title-Mr J. Malik, the Russian Ambassador admires these famous gardens.

Mr Malik and some other men walk across the gardens; a photographer takes a photograph of them as they walk along.

In the next section Mr Malik stands beside the Mayor and another woman, and gives her a flower from the bush beside him. She smiles and takes the flower and then Mr Malik talks to some people off camera.

The following section captures Princess Alexandra as she arrives at the Municipal Offices; the street is lined with school children and men and women who are waving flags. She is led from her car to meet Lord Mayor Pickard at the steps of the building. Then a woman beside him curtseys and shakes the Princess's hand. The next shot shows her emerging from the building a short time later with a bunch of flowers and getting back into her car.

There are shots taken from the side of the River Nidd looking down at the people who are on the river under the Knaresborough viaduct. The shot then cuts to a small town centre which is full of buses, cars and people walking. A sign for `Clarkson's' is visible on a building in the background. There is also a shot of `Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe' and people walking along the path nearby.

From the top of the viaduct is a view down to the riverside, which is crawling with people who are sitting and walking; There are numerous boats out on the water. A larger boat is full of men, women and children and one of the men holds his camera up to the cameraman and smiles.