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YFA 2613



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This reel features two different films: The first film focuses on ‘Ginge’, a young cat that belongs to the filmmaker, and includes some shots of ‘Ginge’ investigating a snowy garden. The second film sets out to make technological comparisons between the 1930s and the previous half century.

Title – Jack Collingwood presents ‘Ginge’.

A bespectacled man holds aloft a cat.

Title – Ah! Is that a mouse?

The cat prowls through a snow covered garden.

Title – Ginge decides to investigate.

More shots of ‘Ginge’ the cat in the snow.

Title – ‘Dash it’ I will have another look.

The cat crouches looking at something with interest.

Title – S’now use, Ginge returns indoors to play.

This sequence shows various shots of ‘Ginge’ the cat playing with bits of string and other toys. The cat is then shown wearing a party hat, while being cradled in a woman’s arms, and later he grooms himself.

Title – Chip ‘oft block.

Title – Chippy Gingie.

The cat then plays with a wicker basket in the garden.

Title – The end.

Title – J.W. Collingwood presents ‘The march of time’.

Title – One remembers the photographer of half a century ago…

Outside a house, a man wearing a black suit and top hat brings out a very old fashioned stills camera, which he places on the lawn.

Title – What preparations there were!

He takes off his bowler hat and goes beneath the black cloth to make adjustments to the camera.

Title – Watch out for Dickie…

The man then removes the black cloth and places a plate into the camera.

Title – See how quickly the modern camera can be operated.

Another man appears with a more modern camera (for that period) and takes a picture of the man dissembling his old camera. There is then a close up of the modern camera, which is turned over to show the top of the body.

Title – Compare the old clock and the wristlet watch.

The filmmaker captures various parts of a grandfather clocks anatomy, before someone stretches out their hand with a wrist watch on it.

Title – The quill pen is seldom used today.

At a writing desk, a man uses a quill to scribble notes on a piece of paper.

Title – The fountain pen now takes its place.

A man removes a fountain pen from his pocket and unscrews it before the camera. There is then a shot of someone working away at a typewriter. The final shots in this sequence juxtapose the old fashioned way of gathering up dust (dustpan and brush) with the modern invention of the Hoover.

Title – This accordion is more than one hundred years old.

A woman sits playing an accordion.

Title – A century old music box.

An old music box is put to use.

Title – The modern gramophone.

A record rotates on a gramophone, before the final shot of this film shows a man winding a film camera.

Title – The end.