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NEFA 12337



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Employees from the Newcastle department store, J. L. McAdam Limited, head to the seaside at Beadnell Bay, Northumberland, for their annual staff outing on 24 June 1937.

Title: J. L. McAdam Ltd Staff Annual Outing To Beadnell 24 June 1937

Title: Gathering Up

Some of the McAdam staff gather in a Newcastle street prior to their departure to Beadnell. Various portrait shots of groups of the staff follow. Two male staff members notice the camera and strike a comic pose. The cars begin to arrive. Women colleagues link arms and pose for the camera. Some of the men await departure next to one of the cars. The manager checks his pocket watch.

Title: ‘Time To Start’

Close-up of the pocket watch that reads nearly 10:15.

Title: Stannington. First Halt

The convoy of cars take a break en route to Beadnell.

Title: Charlton. Crews Stand To Their Cars

In the village of Charlton, groups of staff pose beside their cars for informal portraits, waving and smiling at the camera. One of the men is down on his knees inspecting the front of their car, whilst two colleagues watch. Further portraits of employees follow.

Title: Caught On Beadnell Sands

Some of the staff play a skipping game on the sands at Beadnell. Old wooden huts are visible on the sand dunes in the background.

Title: ‘All In Together Girls”

Male and female staff jump into the skipping game. Shots of individuals here and there on the sands. A few of the men and women erect a striped sun tent, whilst two of the women are relaxing on the sand and looking towards the camera. Another sun tent is erected.

Title: Weighty Problems

Two of the men in formal suits sit together by the sand dunes, one seated on a deck chair and wearing a homburg hat. Various McAdam colleagues assemble for a chaotic game of football on the beach.

Title: An Old Spanish Custom

A man in checked trousers stands absent-mindedly on the beach: in the background people are paddling in the sea.

Four of the men sunbathe on the beach by the sand dunes, still in their formal suits.

A man runs in to bowl in a cricket match on the beach. The lime kilns and various fishing boats at Beadnell Harbour are visible in the background. Shots of the cricket match follow.

Two of the young women staff have a mock fight, rolling around in the sand. Two dogs play together and dig holes on the beach. Some of the women sunbathe by the striped sun tent.

Title: Nothing Wrong With Our Figures

Some of the female staff appear in their swim caps and one-piece, sleeveless knitted swimsuits. A group of the women run towards camera in their swimwear, one sporting a fashionable halter neck swimsuit. They enjoy themselves with games of leapfrog, some collapsing on the sand, with Beadnell Harbour buildings visible in the background. Two of the women run from the sea after a swim.

Title: After Tea - The Sports

On a field behind Beadnell dunes, the staff race past camera in two-legged races. The women and men compete in sprinting races. There are various shots of staff engaged in chaotic piggyback and wheelbarrow races, with some couples collapsing on the ground.

[Cataloguers note: Colour film,with magenta cast due to fading.]

Title: How We Looked In The Sunshine

Looking across a tennis court, women are seated or milling about outside a country house.

A large number of the McAdam staff are assembled for an informal portrait session. People jostle and joke with each other, playing up to the camera.

Four men stand in a group and light cigarettes. Another group of men and women are chatting together.