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YFA 2606



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The National Coal Board (NCB) Film Unit is one of Britain's most substantial and long-lasting industrial film units. The following is an informative film about avoidable electrical accidents set in the frame- work of the obsequies for a colliery electrician who died as a consequence. This film is a fully dramatised short film set in a miner's village. Following a group of mining friends at work in the pit, they are shown to get injured by electrical faults or by the miners not following proper safety procedures around electricity.

Title - It's Your Funeral

The central focus is on a miner who died because of his electrical injury in the pit, and the preparation for his funeral by his friends. Throughout, one of the characters narrates, explaining that the risks of working unsafely are not worth it. The consequences of the miners' injuries are shown to have affected everything, including in the home and the loss of not being able to work anymore.

The film begins with a funeral and shots of the family waiting at home. One of the victim's friends is already at the church and stands at the gravesite. Through the use of a flashback, the audience learns how he lost his hand through an electrical accident.

The coffin is loaded into the hearse and taken to pick up the family. Waiting at the home is a man wearing sunglasses. His flashback shows how he was blinded as a result of an electrical accident.

The family get into the hearse which takes them to the church. The coffin is carried inside, and the miner's family and friends are all in attendance. The camera focuses on one of the other miners, and the scar on his face is a result of an electrical accident.

Finally, as the coffin is being lowered into the grave, the final flashback tells the story of the electrical accident which resulted in the death of the miner.

Assistants Pierre Henfrey, Bill Hopkins
Sound Stan Phillips, Dave Stevenson
Camera Eddie Filling, Jim Howlett
Editing James Niblett
Conceived and Directed by David Pratt
Produced by Francis Gysin and David Pitt
N.C.B. 1975

Title - 1973 2 Craftsmen Electricians Killed
21 Members of Electrical Staff Seriously Injured