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YFA 1229



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This is a film showing a group of people on holiday in Bourton-on-the-Water, in the Cotswolds, visiting the model village there. It also captures an aero modellers meeting at Sherburn located outside Leeds.

Title: 'It's A Small World - Miniature Marvels - Photographed in Kodachrome by John S. Eley' - A Model village in the Cotswolds'

The film begins with a woman and two girls crossing a footbridge over the River Windrush at Bourton-on-the-Water. The War Memorial and another bridge are shown. Two girls walk along the paths in the model village at Bourton-on-the-Water. Various views of the village are shown.

Intertitle: 'Aero modellers meet at Sherburn for National Rally' In a large field, lots of people are gathered around model aeroplanes laid out on the grass, including some German war planes and what looks like a flying saucer. One family are sitting having a picnic by the parked cars. Various planes are shown being launched, with mixed fortunes. Next, several people walk rapidly around a small circle within a larger circle with radio-controlled models. A crowd watches them. The commentary explains that this is a team game of four members, the planes doing 100 laps at speeds of over 100 mph. More model planes are shown in action, and the film ends with a young girl playing with a windsock.

Additional Information: Filmmaker Jack Eley was also part of the Mercury Movie Makers, a cine group based in Leeds. The YFA holds this collection as well.