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YFA 4533



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This is a film of an unknown printing press in Sheffield, showing the printing process from start to finish.

The film begins with a student typing onto a keyboard attached to a printing press. The press is shown in operation with the metallic type bloc being put together and placed onto the press. Someone else is typing out some tickertape. The tape is wound onto the machine. As it goes through it operates the automatic keypad which sets up the letter block, which is then fed into the machine. A woman types in some more letters and lays out the type blocks onto one page. This then gets covered in ink and a metallic sheet is placed over it which then gets fed into the rolling machine. At the other end the sheet is cut into shape and made into a metallic plate which is placed onto an ink drum. The newspaper is then printed off and stacked into piles. The whole of the printing press is shown with the rolls of paper.