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NEFA 22172



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An amateur film by George Theaker and Peter Dobing that records a fun 'It's a Knockout' style contest between local youth club teams taking place in the grounds of Haughton Comprehensive School in 1974.

Title: [In the form of publicity hand outs displayed on a table] 'Haughton Youth Centre, It's A Knockout'

The film opens with a view of a modern flat-roofed school building. A blue steel drum full of water is wheeled out onto the school field by two men. Water is poured from the blue drum into the white drum.

General views follow showing tables and chairs set out in the field.

Various games taking place, while spectators look on. Some others settle down at the tables and read the programme of events, watch some of the games or just relax and enjoy the sun.

The teams march out onto the field, one team holds up a banner which reads 'Darlington Telephone Exchange. Another team holds aloft their banner, 'Haughton Youth Centre'. Other banners appear as the teams gather, including one for 'Skerne Park Youth Club'.

The teams gather in separate groups. A man in a white shirt checks his watch before blowing a whistle to get the competition underway.

A brief view shows two pink egg boxes, which contain red painted eggs. Two teams face each other, throwing and catching the eggs, some of the eggs break. The surviving eggs are placed back in the egg cartons.

In front of the score board which lists the teams taking part, a girl holds up a large playing card in the form of a Joker.

The film cuts to a female competitor on stilts negotiating an obstacle course. She keeps stumbling off the stilts as she goes through.

A man blows a small trumpet type of instrument, without much success. Another man has a go. Then a girl tries and fails to get a sound out of it at first, but then succeeds. Others try with little or no success.

Next, two buckets are filled with water from the white steel bin. One of the male competitors carries the two buckets on a pole which he supports on his shoulders. He then approaches wooden boxes placed on top of each other. They are arranged in steps and he climbs up to the top of the pile, trying not to spill the water. Two other team members remove the buckets from the pole, when he comes down the other side. They run with the buckets and pour some of the water into a yellow bucket one of the female team members is holding. She tries to pour the water down a narrow pipe another girl is holding up. A lot of the water is spilt. The pipe is supported by other members of the team. Another yellow bucket is filled and another runner makes his way over the wooden boxes.

Female team members try to get a ball through a netball hoop, using a trampoline to gain height.

Other teams stand in rows with bags or towels over their heads. Each competitor holds onto a long thin rope. A group of the blindfolded (or hooded) competitors are led across the field, running and keeping in contact with each other by hanging onto the rope. They whole group then crawls under a net, and negotiate their way through an old tyre, while still tied to each other. They then have to walk, slightly uphill, across a plastic sheet covered in soap or water making it very slippery. Back to the tyre as other groups try and stay together, in order to complete the course.

A  team member holds up a wooden trophy, which ends the film.

Title: HYC [Haughton Youth Centre]