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YFA 988



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In 1914, Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth engaged the Music Hall comedian 'Winky' (Reginald Switz), who became the star of their most successful films including Itching Powder. Winky and his friends clown around in a Tailor shop. There, they play jokes on each other: throwing pies at each other, putting a wet sponge down Winky's trousers, etc. The tailors then change and go for diner, taking care to put on clean trousers. Winky accidentally reads a newspaper article, "Eastern winds cause an attack of Scabies (lice)." After reading this, he decides to put itching powder in one of his friend's trousers in order to make them think they have contracted Scabies. He calls it Scalloped Antelopes.