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From the Huddersfield Cine Collection, Isn't It A Lovely Day is a comical look at a wedding which cannot be overshadowed by the heavy winds and rain on this wintery day. While the original film itself was silent, the edit produced in 2008 includes musical accompaniment from the song written by Irving Berlin of the same title.

The film begins with the first guests arriving at the church. They make their way up the path and into the church. The cemetery can be seen in the background. Many of the guests arriving clutch onto their hats as they hurriedly make their way up the walk and into the church away from the blustery winds. It then begins to rain, and the guests who are later to arrive can be seen wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas. While the weather is not ideal for this sort of event, all the guests smile for the camera as they enter the church seemingly unbothered by the heavy winds. The bride arrives with her father, and they too make their way into the church.

At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds come out and pose in front of the church for pictures. However, due to the blustery wind, the bride's vale is nearly blown right off her head. Everyone from the cameraman to her bridesmaids attempt to put the vale back into place for the pictures.

End credits:
Film FL Adair 1950
Edit JT Spencer 2008