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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a tour he and his wife Grace made of the Islands of the Aegean, with other members of a touring group. The film is in two parts and uses intertitles.

Part One
Title - Islands of the Aegean
Intertitle - The story of a holiday on the mainland of Greece and on the islands of Mykonos, Santorin, Rhodes and Crete.

The film begins with the plan of the tour being shown on a map. Then there is a sign for the newly opened M1, and a sign warning of what is prohibited on the motorway. They join the motorway near Northampton with London 78 miles away. The motorway is almost bare. The journey along the motorway is filmed from the front of the car, overtaking cars and Lorries on the way, and passing a service station.

Intertitle - London Airport en route for Athens by Comet B4

From the restaurant on top of the terminal a line of BEA planes can be seen, as well as a full car park.

Intertitle - The 1500 miles to Athens took 3 ? hours

Grace emerges from a building with two other travellers, near to a large fountain with streets bustling with cars and pedestrians. The Acropolis can be seen high up. They walk around the streets and a map shows places of interest.

Intertitle - The Theater of Dionysus at the foot of the Acropolis

They walk around the ruins, Grace with a parasol.

Intertitle - The Theater of Herod Atticus

The theatre is empty, although it is ringed with lights.

Intertitle - The Acropolis as it was in 300 BC

A model of the original Acropolis is seen before they tour the current ruins, along with many other visitors. From there the whole of the city can be seen.

Intertitle - A cloudless evening brings a golden glow to the city

Another panoramic view of the city is taken from a different vantage point, showing the Acropolis and the mountain.

Intertitle - Sounion: southernmost tip of Attica and the Temple of Poseidon

From the coast there is a sunset over the sea. Here they visit more ruins. It is then night time in a city with lots of electric advertising signs. They visit a museum, showing many of the exhibits.

Intertitle - Piraeus to Mikonos
They wait while passengers disembark from a ship in a dock before taking a cruise.

Intertitle - The brilliance of a morning in the white town of Myconos has to be seen to be believed

The white buildings of the port are set against the deep blue sea. A woman tourist takes a ride on a donkey with a child. They wander around the streets where there are several donkeys and ponies carrying goods. Children play on the beach where fishermen dry and mend their nets. Elsewhere people are fishing. A woman walks barefoot through the narrow streets and carrying a large pot. On top of a hill is a windmill with triangular sails. A stone mason makes large circular pieces of granite. Grace and other tourists squeeze through a narrow gap between buildings. Many people swim in the sea and lay on the beach. Outside the town goats are on the hills, and there is another sunset.

The next day they take a boat trip to an island where they visit more ancient ruins, and then return to the town. Again they walk around the streets and swim in the sea.

Intertitle - After leaving Myconos in rough weather we arrive off Santorin at dawn

They take a boat trip along the coast to Santorin, showing the winding steps up to the top of the cliff.

Intertitle - The town was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1956

The town is shown from high on a hill, with many buildings destroyed, and then they walk around the streets. Again, there are very many donkeys carrying both people and goods. Grace and other tourists make their way down the steps to the boat in the harbour below, negotiating their way past the many donkeys back up the hill. They are taken back to their ship on a small boat.

Intertitle - Paros

They arrive at Paros.

Intertitle - Piraeus again early the next morning

The dock is full of large ships. Grace sits on a rock overlooking the sea and ancient ruins up on top of a cliff. They visit a museum, with a model of how the city would have been in its original form.

Intertitle - By plane to Rhodes

The take-off, flight, landing and passengers getting off are all filmed.

Intertitle - The Italians did much to restore the glories of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St John

Grace and her companions tour the Palace and the nearby harbour. Out to sea there is a large old sailing ship. In among the streets is a shop selling traditional painted plates. In the town centre the streets are bustling with people. They sit at a caf? down by the harbour. Some of the tourists sit in the sea as the waves crash over them, and part one ends with a sunset over the sea.

Part Two
Intertitle - The Road to Lindos

They look around the village, including the hotel, and the beach. They then tour the Acropolis overlooking the sea and village. They show villagers at work, carrying goods and selling grapes and other fruits on the streets. They move on to the harbour and other tourist sights.

Intertitle - The Valley of the Butterflies

The tour party walk through a wooded path with thousands of butterflies. Then their luggage is taken out from the hotel to waiting cars.

Intertitle - Next morning we fly to Crete home of the Minoan Civilization

An Olympics Airways plane lands at the airport. They take a flight to their next destination and walk around the harbour there. They tour the countryside and villages, showing the busy shipping areas. They visit a museum, filming many of the exhibits.

Intertitle - Across the Island to Phaistos in the south

The party visit the ancient site at Phaistos.

Intertitle - We go bathing near the banana plantations at Mallia

Women dig irrigation channels in the fields, where a farmer uses a plough pulled by oxen. There are lots of windmills and banana trees. Donkeys carry baskets full with tomatoes. Women get water from a well. Grace sits on a beach looking out to others swimming in the sea, and later goes out herself.

Intertitle - Evening flight to Athens

They board a plane, and film the sunset whilst in flight. A man points to a large map of their road journey from Athens. A train crosses a bridge over a narrow waterway.

Intertitle - The old city of Corinth

They tour the ancient site, showing many of the artefacts.

Intertitle - Epidaurus

Here they visit the ancient theatre. There is a sign for 'Royal Tombs'. They take a bus ride, filming the journey from on board. They eat at a restaurant overlooking the mountains, and then carry on to a village where blocks of ice are being cut. They then walk around another ancient site, surrounded by olive trees, and visit a village high up in the mountains. A local woman winds wool.

Intertitle - 35, 000 feet over the Adriatic

An airplane flight over the clouds is filmed, and they land.

Intertitle - The road to Delphi

The film finishes with a sunset behind a mountain.

The End