Film ID:
NEFA 21775



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An excursion to the Isle of Man for Chris Lawson railway enthusiast and filmmaker, as he documents more activities on the Isle of Man's narrow gauge railway. 

The film opens with a close up of the crest of the Isle of Man Railway Company as painted on the side of an engine.

A steam locomotive pulling passenger carriages passes a stationary locomotive.

The film cuts to a closed level crossing as a green locomotive pulls a passenger train across the road. A trackside low angle view shows the steam train going past. As it passes the company's crest can be seen, and the engine's nameplate 'Loch', it pulls into a station. The engine manouevres on its own, then pulls the passenger train again (in the opposite direction).

The film cuts to a group of young men standing at a look out point [on a boat?] with cameras and binoculars, looking over the sea.  The camera pans right, over a very blue sea, then the film cuts to an onboard view from a ship. Another ship sails parallel in the distance. A close up follows of two of the men seen earlier on the look out point. A fishing boat or trawler passes by, followed by another going in the opposite direction. A man leans against the ship's rail looking out to sea. The film ends with a view from the boat showing a town or city in the distance [possibly Liverpool].