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YFA 1408



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This is a film made by the Rev. David Simpson of a day at the National Railway Museum in York.

Title - Apple Films Presents: Iron Road
Filmed by David Simpson

The film begins showing a number of locomotive name plates, including The Red Dragon, The Mayflower, Cornish Riviera Express and The Inter-City. The Evening Star locomotive is standing at a platform outside the Museum before pulling away, photographed by railway enthusiasts. Inside the Museum, the film starts by showing some of the old railway carriages, with visitors walking around the various exhibits, showing some in close-up. It also shows some of the locos, including the Green Arrow. Some trains are then shown passing through York Station, and the film shows the inside of some new passenger carriages. Returning to the Museum a boy looks at some switch points. The film finishes up showing the Mallard.

Title - The End