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Advertising film by Turners Film Productions for James A. Jobling & Company of Sunderland that promotes their cooking and serving dinner ware to the canteen trade in hospitals, schools and colleges. Includes footage of the stringent tests applied to the product, which demonstrate its legendary resistance to breakage, and its hygienic qualities.

In the opening sequence, hospital catering staff in green uniforms lay out plates on tables in a dining room.  Close-up of a dining table covered in white tablecloth, laid with Jobling (Pyrex brand) dinner ware and a bowl of flowers for decoration.

Title: Introducing Jobling ware (with JAJ trademark)

Title: A Major Aid to Catering Economy

Title: By the makers of PYREX Brand products

A sequence of display shots of Jobling glass cooking and serving dinner ware, including the Matchmaker and Cottage Rose Floral brands and a coffee set. Coffee is poured into Jobling ware cups in a blue-based display. Shot of a display of Pyrosil cooking ware.

The next close-up shots record the mass production lines of Jobling glassware and other glass products on assembly lines. Blobs of molten glass drop through an automatic cutting machine, and are then pressed into plates. General view of plain Jobling ware plates moving along conveyor belts in a factory.

Dynamic close-up shots follow of a single white Pyrex plate and a row of white dinner service items arranged on a glass shelf.

Cartoon illustrations depict the different organisations that could use Jobling ware, including hospitals, schools, staff canteens, sports clubs, caterers, restaurants and cafes, snack bars.

Close-up of a white Pyrex plate, revolving on display against a black background.

The film then shows the series of factory tests conducted on each batch of Jobling ware after production, which prove how tough the products are. A scientist in a white lab coat drops plates from a measured height onto a wooden block on the floor. Next, a cup and saucer are placed on a machine plate which spins around as a revolving metal handle hits the teacup handle repeatedly. The handle doesn’t break. Against a corrugated cardboard backdrop, another scientist breaks the handle of a pottery cup against the much stronger handle of a Jobling ware cup, proving its strength.  Close-up of a scientist in a white lab coat hammering a nail into a block of wood with a Jobling ware teacup, then bending the nail using the handle.  The cup is placed on the table intact. The commentary states: “Even when grossly misused, Jobling ware survives the test.”

Tests for the porosity and hygiene of Jobling ware take place in another laboratory. A scientist takes a bottle of deep blue liquid dye and pours it into a Pyrex beaker. Close-up of two Pyrex jugs filled with blue dye in which two slivers of broken Jobling ware and broken ordinary ceramic kitchen ware rest. Close-up of the two broken fragments, one stained blue, the other still white. A scientist swabs cracks and chips on an earthenware plate to collect bacteria. He then transfers it to a small Pyrex plate of culture media. He places the samples from Jobling ware and earthenware in a cream cylindrical incubator.  He collects the two plate samples from the incubator and examines them.  Close-up of the two plates of cultures, one of which has grown large colonies of bacteria.

Close-up of a testimonial letter from the Central Group Hospital Management Committee, a large-scale user of Jobling ware.

Staff queue and collect their food from the counter of a hospital canteen, served by catering staff in green uniforms.  Close-up of a woman washing up dinner plates and cups in a stainless steel sink.  Jobling ware dinner plates and cups line the shelves in an hospital kitchen.

A series of illustrations and graphics compare breakage for earthenware and Jobling tableware on hospital wards.

Back in the hospital dining room, nurses and doctors are eating at tables.

Close-up of a dining table covered in white tablecloth, laid with Jobling tableware and decorated with a bowl of flowers: a succession of different styles of decoration on dinner services are displayed. Close-up of individual plate design including Greek key, plain white, red, blue and green band and barley patterns.

A nurse carries in a tray of tea and biscuits for a female patient in a single-room hospital bed.  Close-up of the woman, dressed in a tangerine nylon nightie, stirring her tea in a red barley patterned Jobling teacup with matching sugar bowl and plate of biscuits.  She takes a sip of tea.

A stocktaker checks off packs of Jobling ware stacked on shelves.

A succession of close-ups of displays of cups and saucers, plates, soup bowls, fruit and cereal dish,  sugar bowl and milk jug in Greek key and barley pattern.

Jobling ware plates are packed between corrugated cardboard and placed into boxes, then stacked. Boxes of Jobling ware are unloaded from a lorry stencilled with the Pyrex brand name (partly seen).

Title: Looks Good (over shot of a dining table covered in white tablecloth, laid with Jobling tableware and decorated with a bowl of flowers).

Title: It’s Tough (over shot of durability test with a scientist bending the nail using the handle of a Jobling ware teacup). 

Title: Hygienic (over shot of white plate being swabbed).

Title: Easier to Clean (over shot of washing-up in stainless steel sink).

Title: Time and Labour Saving (over shot of stocktaker).

Title: Jobling ware (with trademark) Reduces Replacement Costs


The Tooting Bec Hospital Management Committee

The Central Group Hospital Management Committee

Filmed by Turners Film Productions. Newcastle upon Tyne

James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. Wear Glass Works. Sunderland