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YFA 3833



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This film documents the installation of the first NE 405 computer in Hull. In March, 1959, it was installed at the firm Reckitt & Sons Ltd which, at the time, produced various cleaning products. The film features the arrival of the computer to the Dansom Lane facilities, installation, and initial testing of the system.

Title - RECKITT & SONS LTD present NE 405

The film opens with an image of the punch card and the National Elliott 405 at Reckitt's. It's 8:08 am when the trucks arrive at Rickett and Sons. At the loading bay, men in white lab coats begin to unload the cargo from the trucks and move them into the building. Some of the men gather around a large wooden crate which holds one of the main hardware components of the computer. A large vent has been installed inside to keep the room cool where all the large circuit boards will be held.

Back outside, some of the men are on a forklift in order to lift them high enough to remove sides of the wooden crates from the larger pieces of the system. These sides are removed to reveal the large circuit boards. It takes about 5-6 men to push these pieces inside the building. Inside, the men in lab coats stand on ladders and connect the numerous wires of the different circuit boards.

Inside, two men inspect a part of the computer that looks like an engine. Back in the circuit room, a man lays down on the floor to connect the lower wires.

More components of the computer are brought into the building. Two men wait at the door opening on the second floor of the building. Down below, pieces of the computer system are secured to a crane. The crane lifts these pieces of machinery up to the second floor where the other men pull it towards the building to unload.

Inside, a man sits and watches a part of the computer which looks like a patch panel. At the main station, another man begins to feed some of the paper punch card strips through the system. Some of the lights on the front of the computer light up as the information is processed.

Four business men sit around a table for a meeting. This is followed by a shot of the Programmer's office door. Inside on a blackboard, there is a flow-chard for Daily Cash. One of the programmers is sitting at his desk which is covered in paperwork including many diagrams.

In other parts of the building, a woman sits at a punch card machine to input data. There is a close up of the machine which punches the holes into the strips of paper which will be fed into the computer. These strips of paper are given to another lady to take for processing. The strips are run through a system which has two large film reel-like wheels at the bottom. Once the data is processed, the information is printed out. A woman in a lab coat stands at the printer awaiting the results. Some of these results include order forms with list different products and quantities needed.

The film closes with the following titles: produced by C.R. Redfearn - The End.